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MC Emperor

1542.23 (10,360th)
9,000 (17,191st)
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Title Δ
Get last week date range for a date based on Month 0.00
Replace a character from a String with an int so it can be evaluate... 0.00
Java increment logical problem (increment in conditional statements) 0.00
Convention for calculating class attribute in Java constructor 0.00
Java using this keyword inside a thread created inside a class +0.45
Java 8 Streams API functions +1.14
Is there an simple way or a function that can get the difference, p... +0.42
date range search with respect to number of chunk size -0.95
Sum of all the elements in a Vector Java +0.81
Java is always pass by value so why am I getting reference when usi... +0.44
Double colon operator not working with Java +2.31
What does var<T> do in Java? -0.48
Java Stream filter - how can i filter data without wrapping the fil... +0.47
How does Stream.count() work for Spring repository queries? +0.33
java.sql.Date cannot express 12-31-2019 without incrementing the ye... +1.34
Print counter and string for first n elements from list of strings,... +0.43
Why does the difference between 30 March and 1 March 2020 erroneous... -1.63
Problem with removing objects from an ArrayList with objects +0.83
Cant use a public method from another class in java +0.44
Formatting Java Instant to "YYYYMMdd" adds an extra year? +0.16
Convert Time with offset to UTC and return localdatetime 0.00
Copying (cloning) an array of objects of type of wrapper classes -0.80
Elegant way to append string that not null 0.00
Period.between does not include the last day in Java -0.38
Can I explicitly type an ambiguous method call and use it? -0.01
How to elegantly parse a string to have exactly what you need? +0.71
List<String> get count of all elements ending with one of str... +1.70
Java: Transforming List<List> into a Map -0.50
Java conditional loop -1.22
How to remove all JSON formatting from a JSON object in Java? +0.36
converting a date format in java +0.45
How to remove spaces from string only if it occurs once between two... +0.91
java shorter sytnax for boolean compositions -0.71
What's a simple way to trim this group of data? (Java) -0.37
Is there anyway to reduce these lines? -0.11
Promotion and conversion in java +0.45
When throwing an exception from a java method, will a more general... 0.00
Java iterate directly through an array instead of array variable -1.31
compare the items of each list at each index +0.46
Convert BigInt date into a Date +0.04
LocalDateTime Java - Get same day of week for next month +1.26
Accesing a value of model in object without specific property -0.06
How would I convert the exact amount of time (years, months, days,... +2.10
Read file from txt to integer array line by line +0.46
Creating if in setter/getter +0.96
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was STRI... 0.00
Why can't you add IOException() object to a collection of "... +1.83
Collect objects with max value in a list with streams -0.29
Group the List by element occurence count, sort the Map by key and... -1.34
How to scan ArrayList for string's length +0.26