An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1582.73 (2,695th)
52,451 (1,878th)
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Title Δ
Query only changing last record value in sql server 0.00
SQL code to find and suppress numbers and special characters 0.00
Extracting specific value from large string SQL 0.00
FOR XML cannnot serialize char(0x0000) even though REPLACE function... 0.00
How to store data in a table using openxml with While loop in SQL f... 0.00
How to replace a tag with another in sql server XML file 0.00
SQL: How to split column by character count 0.00
Extract text between two strings using sql -0.40
How to filter rows based on value of XML atrribute name in SQL +2.09
Convert any JSON, multiple-times nested structure into the KEY and... 0.00
Split string and fold in T-SQL -1.26
Converting single column, single row XML data to SQL table +2.03
How can a sub-query refer to a table outside it? +0.09
Find value between some symbol +0.70
Check data type format of every value of a column in SQL Server -1.07
Is that valid XML and how to replicate with SQL Server 0.00
Iterate through columns and list all columns where a record has a v... -1.01
TSQL XQuery filter to only select nodes that contain at least one c... -1.31
Insert XML child node to SQL table 0.00
Extract Numbers out of String wherever it appears +1.64
Converting a single XML bracket column to multiple columns in T-SQL... 0.00
OPENJSON with dynamic JSON key value pair 0.00
Split string into two columns with delimiter -> -1.15
SQL: Delete XML node in an UPDATE statement +1.67
Flatten records into a single row where values are not null +2.21
Flatten records into a single row where values are not null -0.79
Extract data from XML in TSQL (Sql Server 2016) -0.37
SQL Server XML querying: Query multiple child elements with same name 0.00
How to present hierarchical data in SQL Server 2014 0.00
SQL Server XML Processing: Join different Nodes based on ID -2.20
SQL Server XML Processing: Join different Nodes based on ID +0.13
How to use case statement multiple times on same column in sql server -2.75
how to write a xml file including declaration with t-sql 0.00
Change format of a Xml with FOR XML [SQL] -0.41
Get values in XML nodes using SQL +1.97
Missing elements in T-SQL OPENXML Query 0.00
MSSQL Number from XML (varchar) cells +0.38
Divided by some number into column SQL -0.30
Performing operations in text file using T-SQL 0.00
Find the column index by its name -0.19
Row-granularity operations/error handling 0.00
Interpolating a variable into an XML node search 0.00
Parse XML via OPENXML SQL Server 2008 0.00
How to delete a XML child node using SQL Server 2016 -0.80
Split the string '1/10/2/20/3/30/4/40' into two columns che... +0.38
Split url string with multiple delimiters and into multiple rows -1.15
Concatenating with <br/> in STUFF doesn't work +1.07
Compare XML to string? -0.82
TSQL -- Extract JSON values for unknown/dynamic key in sub-object (... +1.63
Sql server separate a string and pivot the result 0.00