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1588.37 (2,272nd)
52,451 (1,877th)
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Title Δ
How to break up two xml tags with the same subchild names in SQL 0.00
Questions on structuring T-SQL 0.00
Is it possible to have a cumulative sum across columns and not rows? 0.00
Checking if the rank is the same - TSQL 0.00
Merging/splitting overlapping date ranges with priority 0.00
Sql Server - How do I get JSON nested value in my SQL Select statem... 0.00
XML to sql temp table 0.00
Json_value and Json_query cannot find specified path 0.00
Is it possible to use values from one view's column as conditio... 0.00
How to get all elements using an absolute nodes method? 0.00
"Create sql function , select english characters?" +0.63
Splitting one irregular column into many columns 0.00
Exclude where clause based on function specification +0.12
How to remove .0 from decimal value in FROM OPENJSON( ) WITH in SQL -0.56
Parsing JSON from RESTful API with T-SQL 0.00
TSQL - Identify the table name as a column of the single or multipl... -0.12
How to get a value into an XML tag in SQL -0.36
Retrieving All instances of an 3rd level XML field from an XML column 0.00
Getting error trying to GROUP BY an XML column in SQL Server 2016 0.00
SQLSERVER FOR XML PATH - treat attributes name as variable +2.12
How to delete particular value from XML node instead of full node i... 0.00
connect a table to a view 0.00
How do I perform a string function whilst using OPENJSON WITH? +0.38
A T-SQL process to identify the total duration or number of days of... 0.00
Get a text field formated as xml body value -0.38
How to duplicate an entire XML Node and insert it in the XML data u... +0.38
TSQL: How to get a UNION result from two tables with XML informatio... 0.00
TSQL: Find a date with varying characters in a string +2.01
String conversion to valid date -0.30
TSQL: Find a continuous number in a string -0.00
Grabbing sublevel elements xml -0.28
Matching records across multiple possible IDs +0.30
Select from openxml with concatenation multiple nodes value to one... +2.15
OPENJSON in compatibility level 100 SQL SERVER 2016 0.00
How to acquire an XML node value using SQL without the WITH XMLNAME... 0.00
Reduce cost for Table Valued Function - XML Reader in query plan -... +1.86
Issue converting special characters from SQL to XML using XML PATH 0.00
Update from one field in a table to another section of XML code -0.63
How to insert in XML value 0.00
Parse nested XML in T-SQL need parent and childs in single row +1.74
Generating XML from T-SQL, but unable to group siblings by parent -0.11
How to find the correct path for OPENXML function 0.00
XQuery a SQL Server NVARCHAR column -1.61
How to use xml namespace wildcard in SQL (multiple xml files in tab... 0.00
Cross Applying to create new rows with "Nodes" 0.00
Repeat same data certain number of times 0.00
TSQL JSON How to add an array to an existing Json Object? -2.00
TSQL JSON How to add an array to an existing Json Object? +2.00
Deleting duplicate XML attributes - SQL Server 0.00
Substring not working in all my cases, how could I fix it? 0.00