An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1504.42 (144,259th)
1,006 (152,449th)
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Title Δ
how to extract specific data from a csv file with given parameters? +4.43
Create column with distance to center 0.00
Can I offer a modifiable default input value when accepting input i... 0.00
Creating a demo stock portfolio and test performance? 0.00
bug on multiprocessing with input? -3.99
Use original file name to save image 0.00
Printing Values in Dictionaries +4.52
Getting averages into a list from a csv file 0.00
Creating multiple functions of the same type, Can anyone make this... -0.08
What is the Overriding Principle on Naming Conventions in PEP 8? +1.88
Dictionary with lists as values +3.74
match strings in list and DF column and put into new DF column 0.00
List Comprehension for multi label counter -1.41
How to compare user's input with value from a dict +0.08
Convert a 2D array to 3D array by multiplying vector in numpy -3.50
Deleting rows in pandas data frame: Delete previous k rows each tim... 0.00
Extend a list with numbers that match initial bias -3.96
Combining the results of two if statements - python / jupyter noteb... -0.03
Combining the results of two if statements - python / jupyter noteb... -0.03
LED stripe should follow a person 0.00
Fuzzy set addition and squaring 0.00
Python for loop with modulo +2.06
Replace special characters from list in python -1.00
finding number of repetitive string occurrences +4.66
How to plot polyline in 3D in python? 0.00
How to get dict value x via dict value y from list of dicts 0.00
how to write a k-means algorithm in spark scala 0.00
If none of the above python +4.22
Finding closest spellings by the same first letter via different di... 0.00
Transpose of a matrix and printing result in same format 0.00
How can I convert JSON file to Python dictionary? 0.00
How to select element more efficient from list of pairs based on a... +2.27
calculating gravitational movement of 2 objects python 0.00
Summing array entries along a particular line, python 0.00
Python replace character without replace method +2.72
I am trying to solve a system of equation with two variable in tkin... 0.00
How to count numbers in a list via certain rules? -3.92
Iterating through multiple lists consecutively and printing the val... 0.00
How to change Anaconda env in Windows 0.00
Loop task through all input files python +1.88
Create function for dataframe to parquet creation 0.00
NLP general English to action -1.49
select the first k entries of each group in csv file using python -1.72
How to load data in CSV file into Python script for probability ana... -3.74
Regular Expression in conditional statement using Python 3 -3.03
Iterate appending Python List output to rows in excel 0.00
Connecting nearby coordinates from list of coordinates 0.00
Python sklearn PCA.explained_variance_ratio_ doesn't sum to 1 -0.14
Pandas open_excel() fails with xlrd.biffh.XLRDError: Can't find... 0.00