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Scott Hannen

1531.02 (17,660th)
13,191 (11,010th)
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Title Δ
System.MissingMethodException Constructor on type xxx not found -1.84
Is there any way that I can have different methods of a partial cla... -0.07
How to run Interop.Excel.Application with command arguments? 0.00
Average of System.Collections.Generic.List<(float[],float[])> 0.00
Disposing of a SqlConnection manually in XUnit tests +0.46
Get Singleton FactoryClass in extension method parameter 0.00
Map from one dictionary to another using automapper 0.00
DateTime.ParseExact 0.00
Purpose of IAggregateRoot interface in in Microsoft Repository Patt... 0.00
C# How to init property (without setter) by reflection +0.45
Read cookies inside a static method [ ASP MVC ] -0.55
How to make service registration dependent on configuration? +2.39
How to incorporate a variable into a URI? +0.45
Flutter: How to generate random boolean value with my own probabili... 0.00
How can I refactor this C# code currently using Dictionarys to have... 0.00
how to subscribe multiple buttons to a event using for loop +1.45
Can not Deserialize json string to class +1.06
object self destruction from list C# -0.45
Issues with saving XML file (C#) 0.00
Throwing temporary exceptions without "unreachable code detect... -1.19
How to access the web.config for a WCF service hosted in IIS from t... -2.16
Is there a way to create a Pass-By-Reference list of managed-type v... -0.04
Get Instance of the same type using polymorphism -0.55
ASP.NET Core DI based on requesting type 0.00
Dependency Injection in onion architecture for .NET Core +0.46
Cannot reproduce in tests the exception Cannot consume scoped servi... 0.00
Generic method check parameter in runtime +1.65
How do I get if a value of an excel cell is empty in C# 0.00
Lock on Static List or access by Key 0.00
How to get next working day with the input of number of days? +0.11
CsvHelper - validate whole row 0.00
Calling C# interface default method from implementing class -0.67
How to send email and roll back changes? -1.21
Using the Same Class with One Method Being Overridden 0.00
Swap Attribute in each item in a list c# -0.59
How could I make a c# method more generic? +0.44
Read Configuration values in Extension class +0.29
In C# resizing an array (increasing its size in this case) initiali... -0.39
I've got an object with JSON and a message type. How do I deser... 0.00
Inheritance and extension of models in c# with multiple implementat... 0.00
De-serialize XML files with varying XmlRoot element names 0.00
Conditional inheritance: base class depend on environment variable -0.91
Two types use a subdependency - how to use different implementations -0.44
Two types use a subdependency - how to use different implementations -0.44
How to deserialzie XML object based on attribute value of the child... 0.00
How to restrict derived class to only have members of certain types +1.04
Simplify extension Methods (combine)? -0.05
Parallel.ForEach: Best way to save off a collection when its record... -1.98
Is there a way to fill an array with user input one at a time inste... -1.00
How I safely dispose a variable? -0.54