An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1484.38 (4,349,740th)
3,917 (42,695th)
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Title Δ
C# WebAPI to download PowerPoint file using memory stream 0.00
SQL Server "Network Path Not Found" Randomly and Infreque... 0.00
Xamarin iOS ModernHttpClient Owin OAuth2 Bearer Token Authenticatio... +4.23
atan2 (y,x) when y & x are very small -3.03
ASP.NET Rest Service returning 500 errors on return when hosted in... 0.00
ASP.NET WebMethod Performance Issue in loading Context 0.00
Metadata query failed for: Breeze JS 0.00
How to solve this constrained nonlinear system of equations for pos... 0.00
.NET Application Configuration to store email contact information -1.64
In compiling shogun machine learning toolbox for matlab interface,... 0.00
How to solve Exact Differential Equations in MatLab? +4.26
Vectorizing double for loop in MATLAB: Assigning expression every row 0.00
How can I plot from a plot handler? +1.75
How can i store all simulation results using Matlab? -0.45
matlab export plot to vector format +1.47
Integral with variable limits 0.00
Matlab class function - getting returned value 0.00
Matlab - solving a third order differential equation 0.00
Matlab help: I am given a second order differential equation.I need... +0.26
Matlab symbolic eigenvectors 0.00
How to re-size and crop an image client side while maintaining the... -1.88
Force exponential format of ticks LIKE MATLAB does it automatically 0.00
Interpolate surface of 3D cylinder in Matlab +4.40
Json.Net - Serialize Dictionary as Array (of Key Value Pairs) -3.29
Legacy Component and Firefox 11 0.00
Matlab RGB Color Values 0.00
Reading and Writing text to a NEW file - Matlab +0.22
Render image from a theme inside Orchard 0.00
CUDA / OpenCL within a Virtual Machine / Hypervisor 0.00
Using C# to retrieve data from a Google search 0.00
Using GitSharp to PUSH changes +5.11
UMFPACK and BOOST's uBLAS Sparse Matrix 0.00
Using to include a library 0.00
Very fast 3D distance check? -3.35
Free C++ profiler for Windows -3.63
Managing include directories in Eclipse CDT 0.00
A check for update feature -4.19
Fortran 77 debugger to check array bounds +4.06
Screen scraping an application window and interacting with the mous... 0.00
#ifdef with gfortran 77 0.00
General sparse iterative solver libraries 0.00
Should methods with return type void use a return statement? -2.16
Something to use for graphing numbers -3.06
Is there any best way to implement version control for database con... +1.25
How to print objects in an array using for/foreach? +1.64
Mac OS X Terminal Colors -3.85
Matrix of unknown length in MATLAB? -3.48
Recursive Security Settings +4.16
C++ Memory Efficient Solution for Ax=b Linear Algebra System 0.00
How can I import data from text files into Excel? -0.70