An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1513.34 (51,311th)
14,646 (9,680th)
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Title Δ
PHP Code completes successfully when user input is entered incorrec... -0.81
onClick when placed in a tag being added in variable called HTML in... -0.02
After opening a modal other buttons do not work 0.00
Remove a random amount of numbers in a matrix in javascript 0.00
Finding average of colors? - hexadecimal strings -0.40
How to create a counter that calculates the remaining characters? -0.04
How to score objects in an array on a bell curve from 1 to 10 in in... 0.00
filter conversion from array to Json format for devextreme 0.00
How can I repeat an iteration on an element with an exact index in... +2.02
Load Multiple JS Files As If They Were One? 0.00
How to store complex objects in javascript database? [JSON.stringif... 0.00
Passing a PHP variable with fetched data to a JavaScript variable r... +0.46
How to add "-" automatically for mobile number input fiel... -0.07
500 server error as soon as the namespace part of the docusign PHP... +0.47
How to continuously check collisions in Tiled tilemaps during a CCM... -0.52
cocos2d Moving sprites? 0.00
How to scale Cocos2d app to iPhone 5 screen? +0.49
bad access with array of sprites -0.04
How do I make Enemy sprites spawn in cocos2d at Random 0.00
How to crop some part of sprite? -0.52
How to pause a game in cocos2d? -0.75
making my own tile system cause lag -0.09
Using Cocos2d to create a CCMenuSprite shows image incorrectly 0.00
how to check which side of enemy hit a player sprite scene created... -0.51
collision with anchorpoints 0.00
EXC_BAD_ACCESS with Sounds in Cocos2d 0.00
Animate sprite programmatically -2.09
make a background image full screen in landscape iPhone -2.27
cocos2d can not change opacity of ccnode 0.00
character is of string is always changing the position when ever I... +0.11
Movement of a sprite according to rotation -0.01
File upload temp dir empty 0.00
iOS accessing int from another class -0.52
Particle designer plist when repeating plays in Cocos2d but not whe... -0.04
Requirements for learning Cocos2D? -0.49
Can't handle touch on node Cocos2D -0.49
create a class which do some animation and show it on screen 0.00
Unexplained bad access error -1.27
Strange error: CGImageProviderCreate: invalid image provider size:... +0.46
how can I clean up this javascript jquery -0.82
how to display a particular string in color in pop up alert in Java... -0.61
Best approach for creating a time sensitive browser app for desktop... +1.26
Global variables in Javascript (jQuery) -1.32
List view in HTML/JavaScript +0.82
HTML5 validation and field comparison 0.00
JSON / jQuery performance with lots of data -0.08
JQuery shaking effect with some tilt/rotation 0.00
strange behavior while including a class in php 0.00
On form validation jquery updates the div 0.00
turn based game score recording -0.45