An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1680.93 (227th)
78,015 (1,184th)
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Title Δ
plotting sine and cosine with charts have kinks 0.00
find common class for all objects in a collection 0.00
How to keep white spaces when using String.Concat 0.00
I need to check 3 things in a 1 do while loop and I am out of ideas 0.00
Sub enumeration rawValue 0.00
Regex to match all words inside parenthesis 0.00
Conditional 'using' 0.00
Java - Singular/Plural check with regex 0.00
Using regex in java to divide a text file into blocks 0.00
Swift NSAlert() argument print string with spaces 0.00
C# how to use async and await? 0.00
How to resolve the class name conflict problem in C# 0.00
How to display the count of a filtered array of objects 0.00
Find RegEx for Pattern 0.00
Produce an array of dictionaries from two arrays in Swift 0.00
Program a triangle number (sum of an arithmetic ... 0.00
I wish to take the middle pattern of the sentence in chinese charac... 0.00
Pythonic list slicing with variable step size? 0.00
compile time error - stackOverflow, while creating new class instance 0.00
Is there an easy way to compute difference between two arrays 0.00
How to use Func when you require access to its parameter at invoke? 0.00
Difference between UISearchBar and UISearchBarController? 0.00
adding space after number in java 0.00
separate a string in java 0.00
When to use associated type with constraint in Swift? 0.00
Recursive way to count distinct number of elements in array 0.00
How to substring this String 0.00
Promise-like method 0.00
Remove enum from array of enums regardless of its argument 0.00
Check if array of ANY type contains element 0.00
Get max value from enum using generics 0.00
How to use mix of Regex and Exact literal match to fetch index value 0.00
Selected Index on Tab Bar not working on Swift 0.00
Converting binary to Binary String: leading zero 0.00
Conditional Protocol Conformance to Protocol 0.00
what is the variable "data" storing in this java program? 0.00
Why Kotlin sortBy() seems to operate in reverse order? 0.00
swift generic and dynamic method dispatch 0.00
Encoding generic String object gives nil Swift 0.00
Convert string[][] to int[][] 0.00
How can I add up the cost? 0.00
Swift type of shuffle() 0.00
Why method that calls another one which throws RuntimeException nee... 0.00
A protocol is not conforming to a class inherited from a generic pa... 0.00
Set.visible isn't actually doing anything for me, or thread.sle... 0.00
How to pass a Class<Descendant> into a Hashmap? 0.00
RegEx ignore letters until digit occurs and then match letters afte... 0.00
Detecting time change in DateTimePicker 0.00
How can I create and alter a new string[][] without altering the or... 0.00
How to fix 'Unchecked cast from MyClass to T' 0.00