An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1725.83 (72nd)
84,741 (952nd)
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Title Δ
Swift: Make two types with the same "shape" conform to a... 0.00
Static parameterized methods in Java +1.93
Swift json dynamic key parsing for json +0.23
Unexpected Tuple inequality 0.00
How to create a type specific Comparator for a flexible type array? -1.73
How to constrain a Dictionary's Value to a protocol +1.19
Using Instant/ChronoUnit to get the time in nanos-since-epoch at mi... 0.00
is it possible to upcast an increment operator from int to long in... +0.22
Swift -Force UITextview Lowercase Only +0.96
How to get correctly localised display name for macOS Trash/Bin in... 0.00
Understanding static implicit operator the right way 0.00
Can I attach a string to a Func in C#? 0.00
How to return an enum from a function in SwiftUI? +0.65
split list of numbers into two separate odd and even number lists u... 0.00
Getting timezone abbreviations in Swift 0.00
How to map List<String> where each string is a comma separate... -0.81
Pass a function as a parameter in Java using Reflection 0.00
LocaleDateTime atZone format ignores different timezones +1.24
Is there any benefit to C#'s Math.Max() implementation vs doing... +0.36
How do I use collections in immutable class safely in Java? -0.78
How to access second-level nested enum passed as parameter in Swift 0.00
C# division with nullable decimal +0.97
Why is usage of the (erased) generic type in right-hand side allowe... -0.30
Missing argument for parameter 'initialValue' in property w... 0.00
How to cast Func<T, object> to Func<Exception, object> +0.23
How to add two elements repeatably after certain index to an Array +0.63
How to invoke with reflection a method that accepts a Func<>... 0.00
How to print surrogate chars as ints in Java 0.00
Swift method chaining, how to reuse classes and methods? 0.00
Swift and Javascript different Bitwise calculation results +1.13
Compile-time conditional protocol conformance in Swift 0.00
Receiving Websocket data in Swift 0.00
Getting a random value from an enum class variable +0.57
Binary operator '~=' cannot be applied to two 'Optional... 0.00
make inner enum from existing enum // enum alias +1.52
How to use HashMap when Json file has same key value -0.91
find the largest three Numbers on the array of int swift -0.70
Constructor selection for multiple optional parameters of the same... 0.00
How can I use Regex name validation for Danish names using locale? 0.00
How compiler knows which lambda to use in submit(Callable<T>... 0.00
Definition of flatMap in Swift 0.00
Sort a 2d array by the first column and then by the second one 0.00
i have question about java function signature 0.00
Guard with trailing closure - Swift Syntax 0.00
Calculate the differences in a List in a functional way 0.00
Converting from Task<(string,object)> to Task<string> -0.20
How to use SequenceInputStream? +1.09
Create a nested map from Json using streams +0.21
Grouping Array of Objects by Custom Time Intervals +0.23
Casting from one user defined class to another with return problems... 0.00