An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1701.13 (140th)
84,741 (952nd)
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Title Δ
Associated enum Type Implement CaseItratable 0.00
Compile time Type declaration without using dynamic in C# 0.00
Why does Method Overriding does not work on Primitives-Wrapper as w... +0.88
Why is new ArrayList<?>(); illegal but List list = new ArrayL... 0.00
Iterating of Generic Collections in Java +0.24
How to add item to a UICollectionViewController from a separate UIV... 0.00
How to create closure with specific typealias in swift? +0.24
Swift - How to check a string not included punctuations and numbers 0.00
What's the difference between contravariance and inheritance in... 0.00
is this a proper completion handler? -0.25
Cell of an array as an argument 0.00
How do I interpret swift (or general) closure in call stack in asse... 0.00
Put a space every 5 characters without using regex or StringBuilder +0.24
How to create a String with String.format by taking parameters from... -1.94
how to allow access to method to only be passed as a delegate but n... +0.24
Test if a digit occurs 'x' amount of times with a regular e... +0.25
Java IntStream iterate vs generate when to use what? +0.71
Swift protocol with lazy property - Cannot use mutating getter on i... 0.00
Display 24 hour time with 0's 0.00
Why is my if loop is getting skipped while my condition is true? +0.79
How to i mask all string characters except for the last 4 character... -0.61
How to build a reverse bitwise operation +0.21
iOS: Segue issue while following Apple's tutorial 0.00
Code / function not executing properly don’t understand error code 0.00
Making rightBarButtonItem bold +0.25
I need to get multiple index's instead of one using linq +0.68
Java - When a global variable is declared and initialized with a va... -0.26
C# Namespace question: Must avoid namespace containing any class na... 0.00
I have a array of dictionaries, how to implement a binary search ba... 0.00
Swift UTC TimeZone is not UTC +0.24
How can I unwrap an optional value inside a binding in Swift? 0.00
Why am I getting 'X is not convertible to T.Y' in swift? 0.00
How to implement a Swift protocol across structs with conflicting p... +0.96
How do you modify an Abstract Data Type(ADT) stack? 0.00
Does discarding a task with the discard keyword cause any side-effe... 0.00
Preserving random numbers generated during app execution until the... 0.00
C# - analogue of with keyword from Kotlin? 0.00
Java Streams in Map 0.00
Cannot assign valid constant(value) to a Generic Type variable +1.19
Why is IllegalStateException not thrown after calling two terminal... +1.24
How to manipulate switch function based on how many times other fun... +0.24
Multiple filters applied to a single list in Java 8+ +0.25
switch operator in st nd rd th +0.23
Receiving error about nullable type parameter even when parameter h... +1.17
How do you update the value you delegated from one class to the oth... 0.00
Cast Protocol to Class in Swift +1.09
How does Kotlin recognize a lambda receiver in a "use" fu... +0.24
Is it true to say that every run time binding was a static binding... 0.00
Why does the sublcass respond when upcasted? +0.26
How to elegantly parse a string to have exactly what you need? -0.03