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1502.95 (313,825th)
149 (543,208th)
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Title Δ
Incrementing a variable in a ForEach loop (SwiftUI) 0.00
How to navigate using button with condition check in SwiftUI 0.00
How do I transition from a login view to a tabView in SwiftUI 0.00
How to initialize derived variables in body methods in SwiftUI (or... 0.00
Cannot assign value of type 'MenuView' to type 'some Vi... 0.00
SwiftUI - PageView - Pass in different Views 0.00
How to configure ContextMenu buttons for delete and disabled in Swi... 0.00
How to reproduce the height/stacking effect with a ZStack in SwiftUI 0.00
SwiftUI - Increment variable in a ForEach loop 0.00
How to trigger a function when a Slider changes in SwiftUI? 0.00
Are there maximum limits to VStack? +4.19
create a @State var area, that is based on two @State var width, an... 0.00
How to use variables inside LinearGradient initializer - SwiftUI 0.00
SwiftUI Unknown Attribute 'Observable Object' 0.00
SwiftUI: Cannot convert value of type '(Task) -> some View&#... 0.00
unwrapping optional in View SwiftUI -4.14
I need help using the Gyro in swift 0.00
Create floating view with custom outline like in Notability 0.00
SwiftUI, using ForEach's argument causing error "Unable to... 0.00
SwiftUI dismiss keyboard when tapping segmentedControl 0.00
SwiftUI: onDismiss not get called 0.00
Implement delegates within SwiftUI Views 0.00
Programmatically detect dark mode in SwiftUI to display appropriate... +3.84
Segmented Picker with onTapGesture doesn't respond to taps 0.00
SwiftUI: heterogeneous collection of destination views for Navigati... 0.00
How can I invoke a SwiftUI modal sheet through a function/method? +3.90
SwiftUI only showing a black screen +4.06
How to create object instance for detail view in SwiftUI 0.00
Align two SwiftUI text views in HStack with correct alignment +0.09
textFieldDidBeginEditing and textFieldDidEndEditing in SwiftUI 0.00
How to display a multi-dimensional array? +0.06
SwiftUI: Global Overlay That Can Be Triggered From Any View -3.46
How do I change text size and field size of a TextField? 0.00
Present a View Non-Modally 0.00
How to animate elements of a UIStackView that’s created in a separa... -3.78
How can you rotate Text, Button, Rectangle in SwiftUI? 0.00
Adding unlimited lines in a Text (SwiftUI) +3.89
Making Button span across VStack -2.25
Xcode 11 CFLocaleCopyCurrent console error +3.97
Center View horizontally in SwiftUI -2.82
Image full screen width in SwiftUI +4.13
Swift 4.2+ seeding a random number generator 0.00
How to move SpriteNode by its angle? -3.95
Using a javascript file to store an API key needed in an Xcode proj... 0.00
accessing an array of images from 1 view controller to another, to... -0.19
Can I retrieve an item from a tuple in the same way as indexing an... +5.93
Firebase Multiple observer duplicates cell 0.00
Programmatically display a GMSMarker's info window 0.00
loading information from Firebase in a defined order +0.08
iOS - How can I display an 'AirPlay' popup menu in Swift? -4.00