An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.98 (4,384,790th)
386 (330,133rd)
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Title Δ
Retrieving GPS coordinates when location services are not enabled -0.86
How do they implement reward system in apps/games? -3.91
Is there an API to get statictics on Google Play developer console? 0.00
Get filenames from a directory in Android -2.90
Example code that handles the full game lifecyle properly +0.41
Hebrew UI in emulator -0.03
how to write review on Android market using app? -0.14
how to implement dropbox in android application with REST API 0.00
Android: how to put parameters in configuration files -2.67
how to redirect a site in android +0.17
google map in android application +0.15
android bestway to keep temp data +0.29
How to provide a newsfeed for another site? 0.00
Landscape layout +0.18
View PPT & PDF on Android -3.98
Android - Google MAP API and Internal GPS support +0.03
Is there any way to create a custom toast notification? -3.91
how to get the respective value from a database table where one of... +0.22
What is the fastest way to learn Android and quickly start developi... -4.07
Admob openx integration 0.00
open source mobile ad server -4.00
Android: building different versions of my app (free, premium, etc.... 0.00
Best OpenID Provider for iPhone / Mobile Device 0.00
Best Mobile Application Analytics Package? 0.00