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G. Grothendieck

1622.82 (1,021st)
165,339 (319th)
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Title Δ
R: Inverting second panel of four in multiplot as.zoo 0.00
Summarize Percentage by Group in R -0.01
Multiplying column means for groups by column mean for the entire d... -0.04
Chunk time series dataset in N chunks for comparing means and varia... -1.56
Group by cumulative sums with conditions +1.68
Bernoulli percolation 0.00
How to break quarterly data into monthly using certain formula in R? 0.00
Sys.Date() with as.POSIXct() 0.00
Using percent symbol (%) with sprintf 0.00
sapply(a, replicate, b) expression no longer works inside a function +1.64
nls() : “Error singular gradient matrix at initial parameter estima... 0.00
R glue with limited set of functions allowed in pattern? +1.47
How to perform Breusch pagan-test for lmList object in r? 0.00
Update global nested list variable in function irrespective of depth 0.00
Extract previous specific day based on date -0.24
How to create quarterly data in R -0.45
creating and accessing dynamic column names within dplyr functions +0.32
Filter in dplyr if condition is met across ANY variable within a row +1.93
How to solve "non-numeric argument.." error in numerical... +1.68
replacing "." with a character in R -0.66
Add 'total' row for each group in a column in df -1.12
Determine length of sequences between columns or in string - and pa... +0.99
Select multiple list elements based on their names using a vector 0.00
How to convert a nested list into data.table? -1.76
frequency of a time series with NA (R software) 0.00
convert character time period (in a weird format) to date and time... +1.87
Reshape long to wide efficiently with amount variable and several I... -2.47
How to make regression based on grouped rows and loop over columns? 0.00
How to order multiple dataframes in Global Environment R -0.68
paste0 within a for loop in R +1.95
Choosing only a monthly subset using quantmod -0.17
Permutations with replacement and rules in R 0.00
Shifting leading NA cells to the left, but NOT internal NAs in R -2.43
Use mutate and dynamically named variables in dplyr 0.00
Naming of each date with unique id number -0.30
loop function with nls +2.31
How to find the position of the first non-NA element in a column st... 0.00
How to sequentially join two data frames using `dplyr` functions? 0.00
replace a string pattern in r -0.48
nonlinear curve fitting in R 0.00
Running the function without printing all of its argument 0.00
Divide columns, but skipping rows -0.32
Using an ifelse or if loop in the panel function in Lattice doesn&#... 0.00
In a tibble, extract names from named lists by mutating a new list-... 0.00
Cut points of monotonicity of data including date duration or line... 0.00
Sum each four rows in a column +1.33
How to remove everything after % in dataframe and merge deleted dat... -0.26
R: Rename R objects in an expression 0.00
Is there something like print method for environment in R? +1.63
How can I transpose my data so it only have one row per group in R? +0.10