An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1479.79 (4,371,638th)
1,275 (124,948th)
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Title Δ
jquery chosen fails on regenerated content -0.36
Java regex: Replace all characters with `+` except instances of a g... -0.49
Call method and handle excption using java 8 foreach loop -1.81
Open a browser with java -0.09
How to convert dd/MM/yyyy format date to ccyy/MM/dd format in java? +0.53
Ternary operator in C? -0.29
Hide decimal places in Double when not in use 0.00
Cannot scan the String or Integer -0.08
How to extract number only and sort in ascending from text file con... -0.22
Java - Adding multiple user inputs into arraylist -0.61
Printer Writer making me input twice to loop once 0.00
how to display in descending reverse order the cells in a 1D array... +0.51
Rotate array and store all combination in object variable -1.25
Cannot convert double into double[][] error in java? 0.00
Recursion - Java Programming -1.55
How to remove ONLY the last li from a ul (jQuery)? +0.64
how can I make the array change each time it is iterated? 0.00
Why float value auto incremented while sysout -0.00
Finding lowest value in float array -0.46
How to check whether document.getElementById gives empty result? -0.57
Specific Array Index and calling method java +0.02
Disable checkbox on dynamically created elements jQuery -0.50
Math.round not working--other answers not helping +2.21
How can i create a recursive method that does the exp of n but retu... -0.61
How to find index of negative numbers in an array using JavaScript -0.47
I want to play a sound in Java and it doesn`t work -1.93
What happens when you use foreach loop on a 2D array +0.52
How to stop summing a harmonic series when it reaches a specified t... -1.03
Vector class sort not working 0.00
Assignment using an object and input data JAVA -0.00
Removing special character from Java String +1.20
What does the CompareTo function do in this situation in Java +1.54
Reverse Values in an Array -0.15
Why a reference declared of type Subclass can not refer to an Objec... -0.59
calculating sample variance with arraylists Java +0.02
Represent an Integer as a sum of Consecutive positive integers -0.99
Lexicographically comparing two strings 0.00
Unable to convert DOM element to JSON +0.18
reversing text in Java -1.48
Space Complexity of an array? -2.79
number guessing game not working 0.00
changing static variables from another method in java -1.15
Unable to trigger jquery function on checkbox check +0.21
Finding the greatest amount of consecutive values in an array (JS) +0.71
jQuery - Calculate sum of two numbers inside one td and display ins... -0.99
How to select <li> inside <ul> +1.78
Array number that are multiples of 3 +1.36
If- satement and loops in an object arraylist -0.45
How to convert binary to decimal using BigInteger? +5.96
Nested for loop 2D array initialization not working (java) -4.01