An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Adam V

1534.38 (15,081st)
4,403 (37,926th)
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Title Δ
DataTable automatically re-initializes itself 0.00
Number of days between 2 dates -1.14
Get Names using foreign keys 0.00
i am trying to build a game of chess and the tiles are showing up i... +1.18
Recursive function with array in C 0.00
Frustrated with FizzBuzz program not returning intended results, fi... +0.45
Referencing a file inside of a Project without using its absolute p... -0.22
Sending parameters from textbox to stored procedure if values have... +0.96
How to get Visual Studio 2017 editor to support a different coding... +1.07
Nested Foreach loop runs too many times - C# -0.80
c# Sorting with multiple conditions -0.55
C# copy from/to clipboard data (word XML) 0.00
mysql query not formatting correctly 0.00
Solve ballistic velocity for a given time 0.00
How to bubble sort an array of integers while showing steps in C# +3.63
SQL Server date DATEADD function issue 0.00
Proper way to rethrow an exception -2.50
Alternative to CASE in SQL Server 0.00
Convert a list of dates to date ranges in SQL Server +2.57
How to check if a string cotains only number in SQL Server? -3.01
Violation of primary key when the values aren't the same +3.63
Deleting an array element while moving others down? +4.19
Expected invocation on the mock once, but was 0 times With Moq -4.03
c# fahrenheit and celsius: adding input to answer +3.87
SQL Server: How to do WHERE statement to show only December 2015..? +3.71
Keeping an object var as Object when referencing to it 0.00
Get groups from array 0.00
System of equations program error 0.00
Populate c# list with results from table from stored procedure that... -4.13
Why does Windows 10 display a different UTC time to .Net and SQL Se... 0.00
How using Console.Read() get two numbers -3.19
How do I subtract a number from a label with text already in it 0.00
Perform INSERT in Stored Procedure after SELECT +4.78
Varchar m/d/yyyy to yyyy/mm/dd sql -0.10
Reference variable from a different method, class, file -1.29
C#: string.Trim() not removing white spaces +3.66
The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint. Th... -4.66
VS2013 Code Coverage 0.00
Could not access controls in codebehind page +3.56
Writing Loops with multiplication C# -0.29
How do I return to the top of the code? +3.10
SQL script, are my scripts accurate? -4.12
Trying to remove value from class -3.50
How to make a copy of a java Scanner? -0.27
The Size property has an invalid size of 0 -4.31
searching bin number in netsuite using C# code 0.00
DateTime Format yyyymm -4.37
If statement - 'or' but NOT 'and' +0.53
C# Count each uppercase letter, and each lowercase letter +0.87
How to combine columns from 2 tables into 1 without using JOIN +3.40