An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1513.16 (50,493rd)
1,422 (113,511th)
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Title Δ
how to convert date UTC to local and Local to UTC? -2.15
Updating tableViewCells property after data change 0.00
Present UIPageViewController with Modal Presentation Style 0.00
Objective-C Manage Several View Controllers 0.00
Dismiss Modal view controller with tap AND/OR edge swipe 0.00
How To Edit NSArray Objects Like SKNode's 0.00
Memory issue with appending to a string -0.33
popToRootViewControllerAnimated not always firing viewWillAppear in... +0.08
What is the best way to do a page like the album page of iTunes? +3.97
NSFetchResultController - one-many relationship 0.00
Create views based on amount of items in an array +3.69
Restrict movement of UIButton along a UIBezierPath path +3.56
sudo chmod command from cocoa +3.90
Conversion between NSData and void * 0.00
How to stretch iOS UITabBarItem background in iOS 0.00
Delete the grey bar at the bottom of the UIView 0.00
Remove blue outline from NSSplitView's subviews 0.00
Customizing borderless NSButton behavior when clicked? 0.00
De-coupling Model and Separating Public/Private Methods in Objectiv... 0.00
Passing data between two controllers using storyboards -1.48
Get Tag value from custom class +0.39
Cocoa how to handle multiple views? +3.89
Using UITableView as a photo stream 0.00
Storyboard issues when archiving ios 7 app with ios 6.1 sdk 0.00
admob interstitial not displaying on ios? 0.00
Display friend Facebook on IOS 0.00
Where is a good place to learn the latest iphone development? 0.00
removing duplicates from NSMutableArray with NSSet 0.00
NSDictionary changes when a copy is changed 0.00
custom views before modal transition animation 0.00
Putting a bar on the bottom of the UIPageViewController 0.00
Less sensitive string comparison 0.00
How to use correctly segue with a Tab Bar Controller? 0.00
UIScrollView programatically Scrolling -1.35
UIScrollView not displaying 0.00
Merging multiple iOS apps with a menu system 0.00
Switching of one view to another view in single customViews 0.00
Tabbar is not showing in extended views in XCode 0.00
Xcode Storyboard and xib connection -1.09
Terminate and replace app with earlier version to do upgrade install 0.00
Disable a button when the keyboard is popped up -3.76
how to get version of default browser on my mac os x +3.82
using connectiondidFinishLoading in an instance and return data to... 0.00
How to access application's shared NSTextView 0.00
OSX sending/receiving data via USB/Serial 0.00
How to change the shape of an uiview or its subclasses? 0.00
How to trigger an action from a NSTableCellView in view based NSTab... 0.00
Is it possible to bind an NSTreeController to an NSOutlineViewDataS... 0.00
Binding NSComboBox to enum? +4.05
Searching on a string which contains multiple words separated by sp... 0.00