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Mike Zboray

1622.97 (986th)
33,322 (3,537th)
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Title Δ
How to create a fast-call delegate that has parameters and return t... +2.13
Implementing overload methods for subtypes of an abstract class in C# -0.48
Instantiate a derived class of List<T> at runtime using refle... +0.33
Alternatives to JsonOutputFormatter in ASP.NET Core 3.1 at Controll... +0.32
How to deserialize stream to object using System.Text.Json APIs 0.00
Use Reflection to only get specific methods inside a DLL 0.00
Calling a non-static method through reflection in a static way -1.15
Emit IL Like C# Method IL But Get System.InvalidProgramException :... 0.00
Net Core: Code Generation for IEquatable/Equals for Comparing Two C... +0.34
Efficiently writing an int array to file +0.04
No "unreachable code detected"-warning in Visual Studio f... 0.00
Why does a struct's field gets reset after the using statement? 0.00
Get Func<T1, T2> from PropertyInfo +0.33
Unit Testing code that uses a separate AppDomain 0.00
Provide extension method for types derived from `this` type 0.00
What is happening with this C# object initializer code? 0.00
Why CancellationToken is a struct? +3.40
Get a Func<> from MethodInfo with private (inaccessible) types +0.34
How do I lock when the ideal scope of the lock object is known only... 0.00
Create delegate of getter with changed return type +2.02
Dynamic constructor in C# +1.63
How do I manually trust a self-signed certificate embedded in my ap... 0.00
Lookup - like Enum but Guid based, but still with intellisense conv... 0.00
Using C# reflection to find interface declaring the function -1.08
How to handle Active Directory exceptions via powershell? 0.00
Suppressing "is never used" warning for events in C# 0.00
Can I modify the value type object from within the extension method... 0.00
How to select a method based on parameter types using reflection? +1.51
StartupDevelopment class is not being used because program.cs says... +0.99
Convert a dictionary of tasks into a dictionary of results -2.63
Change 'from name' in Twilio message in C# 0.00
Is there a way to avoid the Cast<T>() if I already have the c... +0.99
Why is Invoke-WebRequest not providing the Body? 0.00
IL emit with base class method invocation? 0.00
Can I use constant parameters in overloaded struct operators? 0.00
Interface Mismatch Property Accessor +0.33
If CancellationToken is a struct and is passed by Value, how is it... +1.56
Why is an uninitialized struct provided by a separate project acces... 0.00
Nancy self host returns 404 0.00
Commit size of a process in Task Manager C# 0.00
How can I emit a dynamic method returning a ref? 0.00
Non-null class default in C# 0.00
C# What is the difference between Text.Encoder and Text.Encoding 0.00
Trying to install Window Service on Production Server which does no... 0.00
Can methods deny wrong types for Vector2 & Vector3 -0.68
Simplify percentage calculation c# -0.40
Same structs have different HashCode 0.00
Reuse of for loop iteration variable +1.16
C# Windows.Security.Cryptography.Core reference +0.34
Can Encoding.Default recognize utf8 characters? Should I really not... +0.36