An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1425.18 (4,190,780th)
3,485 (48,131st)
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Title Δ
Are statically linked binaries built with gcc on Windows Linux Subs... 0.00
Find Minimal Type -1.02
XCode 4.3/4.4 typeinfo is lost for class instantiated in a dynamica... +0.68
Does C++11 support types recursion in templates? -0.57
Variants or Polymorphic variants? -0.31
Closures over values vs context +0.32
Addition of new responsibilities without impacting existing design... +0.74
Is non-local type inference in Haskell or OCaml really useful? -0.43
Basic Concepts of Language Type Systems -1.18
Template Metaprogramming: Primitive Recursive? -0.96
Do any general purpose languages support n + 2 = 3 and beyond? +0.09
Subroutine inference -0.92
Are there compilers capable of suggesting optimizations that would... +0.09
Efficient representation of functions -0.95
Language Theory - Loop Invariants - Pre/Post Conditions -1.67
OCaml: Declaring a function before defining it -0.40
What are examples of efficient, type-inferred languages appropriate... 0.00
Does any programming language support defining constraints on primi... 0.00
Constraining a polymorphic type 0.00
Stop calling overloaded new and delete operator by stl containers -1.49
Is it unspecified behavior to compare pointers to different arrays... -0.97
When exactly can I release GPL software relying on LGPL libraries? +0.54
Where can I find listings of "taken" identifiers in stand... -0.82
How to read integers elegantly using C++ stream? -0.82
C++ - constant variable, is it a correct term? -0.97
Why is RAII and garbage collection mutually exclusive? +2.62
How to specialize this template (paying attention to return type) -2.64
Boehm and tagged pointers 0.00
How to workaround Visual C++ standards non compliance? -3.19
When virtual inheritance IS a good design? +1.32
What are reasonable ways to improve solving recursive problems? +3.44
Does C++ require a destructor call for each placement new? -1.01
Subclass casting, and pointer address changes -2.56
Argument type deduction, references and rvalues +0.95
how to assign base class object to a derived class object? -2.68
Why is C++ backward compatible with C ? Why isn't there some "... -1.76
nothrow or exception? +4.70
Initialization of array on heap -2.49
Chess piece hierarchy design: inheritance vs type fields -3.40
Safe String Functions In Mac OS X and Linux -2.60
C++ virtual + protected? -1.62
What's a good C++ library for matrix operations -3.43
Compacting garbage collector implementation in C++0x +5.78
Anyone know of any plans to make ^ a shorthand for shared_ptr<T&... -0.29
c++ normalizing data sizes across systems +0.59
iconv routines get translated to libiconv_ names and fail to link o... 0.00
Simultaneous private and public inheritance in C++ -2.71
Detect duplicate definitions of a variable in shared library +2.32
How to access a child class function +0.51
What's the best way to return a subset of a list -3.27