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1506.15 (115,604th)
8,518 (18,345th)
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Title Δ
Why does waiting for `clock` value to change by 5,000 units not res... +2.89
Is there a way to reduce this? 0.00
"for" or "while" loop for dynamic OLED scrolling? -0.00
How can I "pause" app for user to press a button? GTK -0.09
Can a Gtk+ application be compiled to run on both Gtk 2 and 3 -1.41
Application based on Gstreamer + Gtk+3 on ubuntu 18.04 +0.08
How to pass the entrys using enter in GTK? 0.00
Pass the string and integer in HTML +0.44
Built C app works inside folder it was built into, fails when broug... 0.00
How to make an infinite loop in GTK 0.00
How to install Glade 3.22 on Windows 10? 0.00
GTK interface structure: Why is it built as casting interface? +2.37
How to correctly pass QObject on a struct to GstPadProbe through gp... 0.00
How to create a cairo object within a gtk window in GTK+3 +0.50
How can I make a Lollypop like sidebar in Gtk? -0.55
GtkDrawingArea / cairo visual glitches 0.00
Alternative to GTK WIn7 0.00
How to build a GTK+3 program on Windows without MSYS2? 0.00
C GTK2 frustrated with gnome documentation 0.00
In gtk, how can I switch to a new screen with new buttons, and othe... 0.00
Getting GLib warning on passing struct as arg to G_CALLBACK 0.00
migrating from python-gtk2 to python-gi 0.00
How to setup a C development environment on Linux for GTK+? 0.00
Python3 animations using GTK3 and pycairo 0.00
Incompatible pointer type for GFile [-Wincompatible-pointer-types] 0.00
Learning GUI programming with GTK+3 0.00
Problems with deploying a GTK Application 0.00
How to compile GTK+ base application with musl-gcc? 0.00
why does terminal keeps displaying 'number of files 1'? 0.00
Establishing a GTK+ environment for programming +0.50
gtk_widget_show_all(window); not working when waiting on a function... -0.50
GStreamer overlay graphics -0.50
Using SVN, how do I selectively create a patch file? +2.02
How to get the value to enter a gtk.entry field and use it outside... 0.00
How to navigate between views with glade and pygobject? +0.50
Gtk Combobox select multiple options 0.00
How can I get the gtk window of a C running program through a pytho... 0.00
Why does the scanf not work with my string and instead does not sto... +0.25
GTK+ standalone menu does not get shdown if not launched from termi... 0.00
gtk.h missing in Visual Studio for Linux Development +2.70
GTK3 Detect user resizing window 0.00
GTKMM: Take a screen shot of an DrawingArea? 0.00
GTK+/C: Passing data through g_signal_connect changes the data 0.00
GdkPixbuf change opacity 0.00
Passing an array to a function - Different values - Segfault -0.51
What is the most straightforward way to install Glib (not GLib) ? (... 0.00
Python3 + Threading + Gtk3 + MessageDialog 0.00
Standalone C application +0.73
GTK code won't link (win7-64bit, C, msys64) 0.00
Force GtkLabel to clip its center-aligned text +0.02