An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Vinko Vrsalovic

1571.88 (3,835th)
211,899 (212th)
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Title Δ
Should I store basic information (like table sort or page number) i... 0.00
Does the length of a field matter for regex lookups? Will an index... +0.63
Extract x and y data from a text -0.96
Checking Huge Volume of records in Oracle DB .shellscript job times... -0.64
Select date range between bookings 0.00
How to replace number data within a string to a different number? -0.60
php uploading a file security issues? +0.47
Does MySQL support secure credit transactions? +0.38
How to setup a PHP multidimensional array and declare the array keys? +0.72
ls | grep -v in script -1.18
new to C# - unable to get File.Copy to work -0.49
How to unzip a file with Python 2.4? +0.42
What PHP code emulates the behaviour of array_merge_recusive? -0.57
hang-up in my Code +1.22
AES _Encryption in Mysql , Decryption in C#.Net -0.31
Defining error codes 0.00
Updating a comma delimited string list in c# -0.32
When is a database called as an Embedded database? +1.02
Why is if(true && false);{ foo(); } valid? +0.72
function to purposefully have a high cpu load? -0.87
Python: extracting a list from an array of dictionaries with arrays... -0.70
Force `tee` to run for every command in a shell script? -0.53
How to read standard output from a command run via Process.Start()... +0.42
Use SQL instead of Delete and End from keyboard -0.96
PHP script results 500 Internal server error +0.95
How to check validity of Date String? -0.07
Automated FSM for C 0.00
True random number generation -0.02
Difference between stateless and stateful compression? -0.09
sql query to get redundant record +0.44
Do I need to rebuild my SQL server database indexes? +1.89
Beautiful Soup: Get the Contents of Sub-Nodes +1.62
Copying a list of paths/files to a directory +0.98
How do product-review votes get modeled in the database? +0.40
What Linux IPC to use between a c program and a C++ Qt app? +0.72
How to measure how much traffic a server could potentially handle? -0.43
Ideal database for geo (map) data -1.15
how can I hash/obfuscate 9-11 chars uniquely -0.23
reset postgresql primary key to 1 +1.58
Configure path for win and linux -0.47
htaccess calling rewrite rule on everything -1.61
Process dies after Jsch exits +0.39
General Programming: When a set of objects are managed by another o... -0.09
How do I determine if a .NET application is 32 or 64 bit? -0.60
Python: get path to file in sister directory? +0.24
How is the HTML5 cross-browser story going to be any different than... -0.12
PHP shortest/longest string in array -0.51
PHP filtering question -1.89
Python: Storing a list value associated with a key in dictionary +1.02
Ruby SQL: undefined method `[]' -0.60