An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1695.77 (153rd)
60,403 (1,499th)
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Title Δ
Remove Duplicate Texts in a Column 0.00
SQL - Based on YES or NULL value, assign new value AND concatenate... 0.00
while loop select in SQL Server -0.19
Update only rows that does not match rows from another table 0.00
How to sum two columns and compare with another column of the same... 0.00
SQL Server Data Without Duplicates items 0.00
SQL Server Pivot - Can't add by column -1.86
list all table elements and count() even if count is 0 -2.73
Coalesce with group by 0.00
Parse nvarchar column and add leading 0s 0.00
Delete All Data Found With Query +0.23
SQL query to get maximum value for each day -0.77
T-SQL Two counts with different where clause 0.00
Force two rows to combine/sum without concatenation in SQL 0.00
How do I refine this query to return individual product id's wi... +0.24
remove duplicates SQL +1.14
How to call and consume stored procedure from within another stored... -0.26
How to order by a column greater than 0 then by date +0.57
Sql Query - Generating "lot" numbers on a list for each g... 0.00
pivoting varchar values -1.68
Case statement to replace where clause 0.00
How to store a parameterized stored procedure output into another t... +0.24
Recursive Self JOIN SSMS but define lowest node -2.69
Group by, then select only records where every value of a boolean c... -2.32
Get earliest date with group by- SQL -2.50
SQL "select case" gives unexpected output -0.95
Combine rows of two tabel 0.00
How to sum specified row and show in columns 0.00
Obtain date for prior month and prior year issue? -2.73
use where clause to search from a substring SQL Server 0.00
Duplicate values wtih column changing based on select from another... 0.00
Very slow cursor SQL Server +0.21
SQL Query - JOIN? 0.00
Result of a stored procedure save in another stored procedure as a... 0.00
Unable to use group by 0.00
Row_Number with Teradata GROUPBY 0.00
Select IDs which belongs ONLY to the list passed as parameter +0.23
Update column values using a group by +1.29
How to join only the most recent record in SQL Server 2008? +0.21
Find Duplicate Rows in SQL Server and Include All Rows 0.00
SQL where clause with two conditions on same column -1.32
SQL Case statement in WHERE clause to omit data -1.52
Recursive CTE grab Parent from total iteration 0.00
How to write a SQL script that deletes duplicate posts -0.11
SQL JOIN: Return rows from LEFT and RIGHT table when there is a match +0.94
Selecting values without duplicates when conditions meet +0.85
Select data from previous rows with condition 0.00
Dynamic casting within dynamic SQL 0.00
How do I write a query that will only return accounts that have a s... -0.69