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Rating Stats for

Rory McCrossan

1739.11 (47th)
263,060 (157th)
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Title Δ
CSS Remove or rename a class on first-child -2.74
Disable specific text fields with jQuery -0.24
JQuery & Timer :: Updating the text of a hyperlink from a webse... +1.71
jQuery check for adjacent selector -1.16
jQuery - problem with buttons in content loaded from ajax -2.25
Removing /#divname with jQuery -2.00
Is Javascript/jQuery DOM creation safe until it's added to the docu... -1.21
Jquery help needed, trying to get a specific div with an id that is... +3.48
document.ready function of jquery not working in android -0.17
Detect change of select list using Jquery -4.04
Semi Fluid Layout CSS/Html +3.67
Count characters in anchor and resize it -1.59
SimpleModal Doesn't Close for me +0.18
Jquery dialog not working in masterpage? +2.77
Binding validation script to form within jQuery Facebox plugin -4.22
Jquery - Hover did not start (bottom/right issue) -3.28
How to close a modal box after form submit? +3.74
How to correctly format multiline html using the .after function jQ... -1.28
How to make element grow with window resize (javascript) +3.76
Jquery: calculate value on blur event +3.59
calling php function from jquery? -3.27
jquery validator HTML form -1.56
on selecting on li previous should not be selected? 0.00
Jquery: How do i change the content of a specific div in a cell of... +3.69 MVC3 intellisense in view HTML attributes +4.77
why this jQuery does not work? +1.01
how can i make multiple html tables have the same column widths +3.28
Opening a Google map in a jquery modal window whenever I hover over... 0.00
Setting textarea value in FF 4 no longer it me or jQuery? -0.04
Including hash values in ASP.NET MVC URL routes +4.80
Aligning floating divs with rotated text 0.00
jQuery validation plugin validating html control only 0.00