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Rory McCrossan

1739.11 (47th)
263,060 (157th)
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Title Δ
Jquery click function use element as variable 0.00
Write a function to return all the keys present in an object at any... -0.37
Number counter to count even if non number characters exist +0.21
Jquery hover triggers "mouse leave" without cursor leaving 0.00
Automatically fill input field with result of calculation 0.00
adding input fields dynamically Jquery 0.00
Cannot enstablish ajax connection onbeforeunload event +0.20
jquery function call from table row 0.00
How to use Laravel URL::to in Javascript? 0.00
onclick event don´t works in mobile devices 0.00
How to count data on ajax success? 0.00
Replace the drop-down select into the class selected in jquery 0.00
jQuery Async behavior in each-loop Fade-Animation 0.00
Problems with if-else statement on related dropdown elements +0.20
Checking radio button when cell is clicked and changing the backgro... -0.16
How do I check if a checkbox is checked? +0.72
My code doesn't recognize jQuery selector? +0.72
Get only the value of checked dynamic checkboxes -0.33
How to replace comma with dot in Javascript +0.20
Keep a mega-menu visible until entering another anchor using jQuery +0.21
Dynamically triggering a jQuery function using a variable 0.00
Append css file by jquery but css file not working +0.47
I'm having problem with numbers with comma decimal separators +0.20
Woocommerce: delivery method change event handler not fired +0.20
Create an order for JSON to be loaded +0.66
How to make this button scroll through multiple divs? 0.00
Unable to parse Ajax Json 0.00
run code when a table is ready after $(selector).load(URL) 0.00
Post Excel file through AJAX 0.00
addClass/removeClass and save in localStorage +0.20
Looking for a way to select a class based on another item's ID -1.28
Using jQuery replace to find multiple text strings +0.17
Multiple Tables with Fixed Headers and Horizontal Scrolling - Issue 0.00
Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: # -1.27
jQuery how to use extra select criteria on a parent node? 0.00
Converting matrix of radio buttons to a numerical value or percentage 0.00
What is an easier way for 'checkbox' to 'show div'? +1.17
How do I to get the three dots on slideshow clickable to show the c... -0.87
How to display every result of my for-loop -1.04
How do I get multiple values from checked checkboxes? 0.00
I want to redirect to next page using ajax but it could work 0.00
Use variable as selector in function +0.90
Write response from API to HTML +0.56
Wait cursor on submiting a POST form 0.00
Tooltip not working when img is append to div 0.00
Move the selected menu option at first position 0.00
jQuery returns undefined for formaction property on button +0.85
poll api until response is successful +1.36
How add items from html <span> to an array in JavaScript? +0.20
How do I Find WeekOff using JavaScript code +0.23