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sujith karivelil

1542.36 (10,291st)
24,028 (5,383rd)
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Title Δ
C# method overloading without rewriting content -0.35
Access to a variable in the app.config from a class C# -0.09
MessageBox keeps Displaying even if there are no names that fits in... 0.00
Dataset Does Not Contain a Definition for Rows +0.42 how to Delete specific List Items from a Model 0.00
How to change the format in DateTime? +0.43
Compare a string to a range of integers +0.87
I am working on a New user registration form that only contains of... +0.44
Converting short? to TimeSpan +1.91
Getting error when try to add a file from library to main project? 0.00
Get string from array or set default value in a one liner +0.38
SQL IN Operator to LINQ +1.00
how to censor the first 10 char in a string using c# -0.05
Restricting user to NOT input decimal +0.45
How to check if certain data is already in the database? 0.00
Websocket connection closing immediately after connection in c# 0.00
Trying to optimize linq query -2.03
I am getting the following error when in browser 0.00
Can a unity script simply be a public variable +0.44
SqlDataReader convert Binary(1) column to bool 0.00
Table Schema, and Class Definition 0.00
How to fix error from formatting a Date from DB +1.03
using Func<string, bool>, how can I split on a character then... -0.41
Problem with Convert.ToInt32 and getting error Index and length mus... 0.00
My code line cannot work because of this error? +1.02
Searching all files in directories and sub-directories that contain... 0.00
Every time writes new file in c# -0.06
a = a + 00001 what i miss +1.09
How do I make 3 random numbers in C# as a row of 3 in an array and... +1.66
Mixture of string and number in enum? +1.74
cannot send fileupload.postedfile.inputstream as an attachment - ER... 0.00
How to validate a user is putting in two specific letters in c# -0.05
The delete button is too slow what is the problem -0.36
Can't change value in foreach from IEnumerable<Model> -0.82
Trying to delete image from server 0.00
Non-invocable member 'xyz' can not be used like a method, D... -0.55
How to get a string from list of objects and not from a list of str... 0.00
Reload DataGridview when ComboBox Item selection Changed -0.05
How to remove particular item from XmlNodeList 0.00
Foreach loop breaks when try to add items to a List +0.41
Using Linq query when we get record by id how can i assign that val... +2.20
SqlDataAdapter does not contain a constructor for 3 arguments +0.30
How to block a checkbox to be checked in on a Checked event when so... -0.07
How to split a string by an empty string delimiter +2.05
Splitting a string in a few substrings without string.split +0.46
Parsing format to DateTime +1.86
Extract a GUID from a string. How can I do it? +0.84
DateTimeKind doesn't change any part of the date between UTC/Lo... 0.00
Find elements from collection contains names from string array +0.11
How to display controls based on Combobox Selection in Windows Appl... 0.00