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Mario Galic

1491.61 (4,266,198th)
3,401 (49,405th)
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Title Δ
Type Lambda on context bound and the role of type alias 0.00
Rules for underscore usage in Higher Kinded Type parameters 0.00
How does Dotty decide how to infer/when to widen Union Types? 0.00
How Implicit Ordering[Option[T]] works in scala? 0.00
Why case pattern matching anonymous functions can have two signatur... 0.00
structural type extending another structural type 0.00
Implicit parameter on function literal puzzle 0.00
Transform Future[A] to Future[Try[A]] or EitherT[Future, Throwable,... 0.00
Pattern matching a list with head :: tail (what pattern is used)? 0.00
Idomatic way to get Option value or else map into eitherT 0.00
How to disable IntelliJ's indentation-based brace handling? 0.00
How does Scala resolve generic types automatically? 0.00
Can Scala try-catch-finally expression be without braces? 0.00
What is the difference between anonymous functions and partial func... 0.00
Pass callback into function to register on scala future onComplete... 0.00
Implicit pattern definition binds no variables when using underscor... 0.00
Is there a function that transforms/maps both Either's Left and... 0.00
How exactly do I use Metals and VS Code Debugger? 0.00
Return a child class from apply method of base trait 0.00
How to pattern match the parent trait (or class, or object) of case... 0.00
No implicit view available from fastparse.P[Any] => fastparse.P[... 0.00
Problem with space in a Scala class setter 0.00
How is this app converting from an IOConnection/IO to a future when... 0.00
Why does transforming a for-expression toDouble results in an unexp... 0.00
Metals on Atom not able to run project 0.00
Evaluate a conditional as well as bind its result in pattern match? 0.00
how to add empty bracket in array of string 0.00
How to make scala 2.12.11 code run in scala 2.13.2? 0.00
IntelliJ doesn't suggest imports for methods 0.00
What to use instead of symbols in scalatest? 0.00
Why do my blocking Futures not run on single core? 0.00
Ignored parameter in for-comprehension for 0.00
Running scala in intellij with only sbt, pros and cons? 0.00
How to mock/stub only one field in a case class 0.00
isEmpty returning false for empty set 0.00
Scala worksheet is not displaying output in Intellij Community 2020.1 0.00
sbt "runMain com.... arg1" calls `packageBin` 0.00
Differentiate between Map[String,String] and Map[String,Object] 0.00
How to pass enumeration type to a function 0.00
Why does the circe `or` function (an apparently unary function) wor... 0.00
How and when should I use variable/method declaration? 0.00
Functional data structures and data sharing. How does it work in Sc... 0.00
type mismatch error involving nested parentheses 0.00
Why all Java Errors are not considered fatal in Scala? 0.00
elegant way of extracting option value when need it 0.00
Why scala self type is not a subtype of its requirement 0.00
Execute functions in a List 0.00
How to Promise.allSettled with Scala futures? 0.00
Running a specific code block in case Option result is None with sp... 0.00
Program not terminating when using Futures 0.00