An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1373.82 (4,259,975th)
2,310 (72,499th)
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Title Δ
How can I compare cells in different rows and insert-right if lower... -0.73
From VBA to Python and back again to Excel 0.00
Getting a return of [] when using BS4 on a webpage 0.00
How to change 100 files from .xlsb to .xlsx in a folder 0.00
How to connect to MsAccess 2016 .accdb file that is in Sharepoint v... 0.00
Stack different columns into one column on a different worksheet 0.00
Populating a Word Document or Template from an Excel sheet 0.00
Execute sql query to update text file with VBA 0.00
Sending multiple email using range with attachment in VBA -0.24
I need function to add date to file name in Excel VBA -0.33
Export a Dataframe into MSSQL Server as a new Table +0.84
Excel VBA to sum with dynamic range 0.00
How to insert multiple images into shiny after click of a button? 0.00
Is there a simpler way of moving a lot of data +0.58
Return a number from a google search in excel 0.00
Automating comparing two excel files +0.17
How to read a CSV file into an SQL table -1.36
Limitation for Transpose Function 0.00
Navigating Through Records From A Table 0.00
Flask: How to pass url as an input? -0.32
How can I write a function to convert sql query to a dataframe -1.46
How to pivot rows into a single column? 0.00
openxlsx::write.xlsx overwriting existing worksheet instead append -0.35
Running multiple workbooks at once Excel 0.00
How to refill combobox with similar records based on what user types 0.00
Python script schedule to run on day 1 of each month at 2:00 am -0.77
How can I export all named ranges in Excel to Separate CSV files? 0.00
How to suppress exceptions from yfinance? -0.35
VBA Code to Get data from local HTML file 0.00
Connect R and Excel 0.00
How to scrape list of YouTube URL's from csv file and output to... 0.00
Populating a Word Template with Excel Data 0.00
Scrape MarketWatch with Excel 0.00
How to create a pivot table in VBA? 0.00
How do I scrape different HTML files using RVEST and store it into... 0.00
How to import multiple excel files present in a folder and apply gi... +0.17
Check for duplicates before import 0.00
Fetch data from a DataFrame and insert into multiple rows in SQL ta... 0.00
Using countifs() to compare two lists in Excel -0.47
Export Datagridview Data to access database +0.68
How to import multiple text files from a folder into one worksheet... 0.00
Connecting from Python on Linux to MS Access 0.00
Exporting table from R to SQL Server +0.17
Export Excel to SQL VBA: Could not find stored procedure -0.34
How to transpose different sized rows into one column +0.16
R: Reading several Excel files into different dataframes and explor... 0.00
Renaming Sub-Folders in a Folder using Excel VBA +0.17
Auto fill forms in several websites using Python 0.00
Access to Excel worksheet with a password -0.03
Can not download Excel and DataBase in R but CSV works 0.00