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Mikhail Berlyant

1621.97 (1,047th)
67,610 (1,293rd)
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Title Δ
Google BigQuery SQL: How to fill in gaps in a table with dates? +1.84
How to return first record and totalizers 0.00
BigQuery: get median and distinct count in one query +1.86
BigQuery - No mathcing signature for operator CASE in conjunction w... +1.44
Google BigQuery :How to Generate Date Array by End of Month date +1.25
Bigquery Time as duration, convert to second +1.09
BigQuery SQL : Dynamically Concat all rows in column by key -2.14
How to compare two arrays in Standard SQL (BigQuery)? 0.00
BETWEEN operation in BigQuery givies no results +0.30
Accessing public datasets on BigQuery 0.00
Is there a way to filter rows in BigQuery by the contents of an arr... -1.39
Compare current value with previous and list the results if meet cr... -2.15
JSON_EXTRACT not working with booleans in BigQuery 0.00
Use SQL to ensure I have data for each day of a certain time period -2.18
Counting and presenting only duplicates 0.00
How can I query random number of values for a unique id and concate... 0.00
Any equivalent in bigquery to postgres any() array? 0.00
Replace String from the End of an String | REGEXP_REPLACE() 0.00
MySQL database to BigQuery transfer 0.00
Iterate table rows in bigQuery +1.48
Big Query Scripting: automatically save BQ output of one procedure... 0.00
Bigquery - How to combine data in continuous date range +1.41
Combining aggregate and analytics functions in BigQuery to reduce t... 0.00
BigQuery SQL : Left Join with aggregate conditions +0.32
BigQuery cross join to check distance between record in 3m records... 0.00
Splitting a string and converting to integer in BigQuery -2.23
How can I create multiple loops in BigQuery SQL? +1.06
Rounding currency to add up to the total value -2.26
How to group string values from a specific column and creating and... +0.32
BigQuery - Get extra rows between 2 identical tables +0.33
Efficient Multiple Group-bys -0.18
SQL to get 3 adjacent actions without duplicate from the flags +1.03
Google Big Query: How to alter data type from string to float? 0.00
SQL to get 2 adjacent actions from the flag -0.42
How to join tables to result in final table that only shows rows wi... +0.32
How to get duration in minutes with overlapping time ranges using B... +1.42
Get the FIRST_VALUE from the current partition since stage has chan... -2.23
Syntax error: Expected ")" but got "(" [at 1:79... 0.00
Date to Integer YYYMMDD in Standar SQL (BigQuery) -2.25
Convert duration format P0DT0H0M0S (ISO 8601 Duration Format) to ho... +0.33
BigQuery doesn't convert some string values to date -2.62
Bigquery: Using ST_CLUSTERDBSCAN in an array of ST_GEOGPOINT 0.00
Unnest JSON to SQL rows 0.00
BigQuery: Get top 3 records for each group 0.00
How can I extract the domain from an url or email with a sql select... 0.00
SQL to calculate the overall total and sub total number but unique -2.59
BigQuery , SQL : extract time diff from two timestamps 0.00
Join by nearest date for the table with duplicate records in BigQuery +1.72
BigQuery scripting: running a SQL query based on each row included... 0.00
Is there an elegant way to turn a BQ nested field in to a key:value... +1.48