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1461.73 (4,527,577th)
8,023 (19,654th)
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Title Δ
How to bind the -v parameter of sqlcmd from a PowerShell +0.59
How to use [Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.TeamFoundationServerFac... +0.01
Can not find SQL database created using SQL Sever Management Studio... -0.99
Why can't I create shortcuts Ctrl+U and Ctrl+Shift+U in PowerShell... 0.00
How to use WPF DataGrid (.Net 4.0) in PowerShell ISE? 0.00
How to set BLOB Data in SQLite to Nothing or NULL 0.00
I'm looking for a Powershell function to convert unix time to string? -0.49
Sql server getdate() convert problem +2.52
Problem opening a firefox places sqlite with PowerShell and System.... 0.00
SQL where clause is correct or not in oracle? +0.28
How to convert numeric field (size: 10) to character field (size: 7) +0.16
Oracle built-in types 0.00
Why outer join query not working? +0.31
How can I use a MySql User Defined Variable in a .NET MySqlCommand? 0.00
OracleBulkCopy AutoCommits -0.46
How to select date without time in SQL +2.40
How to use a case statement in scalar valued function in SQL? +1.48
Use temp table or table variable for stored procedure that returns... 0.00
Working with datetime with dynamic query in SQL Server -0.31
Load Dataset to SQL script (in powershell) -0.45
comparing null in SQL comparisons +0.41
How can i copy data base tables with data from one data base to ano... +0.05
How can I use PIVOT to show simultationly average and count in its... -1.24
Oracle sql query to select columns only with matching expression +1.33
How to query database for case sensitive values +1.38
How to order by with union +0.53
Convert a SQL Server stored procedure to oracle -0.94
Converting SQL Server to Oracle -0.19
How can I do an insert where not exists? +5.62
order by clause question -2.19
How to autoincrement a varchar -1.34
Dynamic table design (common lookup table), need a nice query to ge... -0.58
Convert ms sql db script to oracle 0.00
SQL date conversion changes time -0.96
how to insert current date into a DATE field in dd/mm/yyyy format i... -3.61
Compare tables in SQL Server and Oracle -1.64
Append Results from two queries and output as a single table +0.30
Diff two tables in SQL Server and generate DML to adjust the one -1.58
SQL, help with ORDER BY -2.78
Is there a way to find out what a stored procedure returns without... -3.76
join 2 stored procedures in another stored procedure 0.00
SQL - query inside NOT IN takes longer than the complete query? -1.06
set the result table name in stored procedure 0.00
In SSMS can I select against temp tables created in the SPROC I'm d... -2.74
SQL Management Studio Plug-ins for Intellisense/Autoformat? +0.19
Check constraint over two columns -3.03
indid column in sql 0.00
how to perform case sensitive select query from servlets? -1.68
Primary key doesn't increment +1.60
Is it possible to raise an error if a variable assignment in a sele... -1.11