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John Bartholomew

1567.81 (4,237th)
4,880 (33,906th)
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Title Δ
Is there a difference between using a[i] and *(a + i)? +1.56
glGenBuffers function usage 0.00
grep mistaking pattern for file? 0.00
When comparing characters, is ischar(x) && x == 'b' equival... +0.20
unix moving older files to a new directory causes error '... is not... -3.49
Exclude duplicate lines from two different files and generate new? -2.13
A way to revert a whole branch in a single commit +2.40
Scheme operations within if condition +4.30
nextTick usage in classes +3.34
git fails to detect renaming +3.34
Is the order of items in a hash_map/unordered_map stable? 0.00
GCC __builtin_ functions +3.39
How does the XOR trick to swap two variables really work on a string? 0.00
Removing unused includes +4.32
How to programmatically discover the filesystem without mounting th... -0.65
trouble redefining print function in lua 0.00
Duplicate GLX FBConfigs from glXChooseFBConfig 0.00
Maximum and minimum points of a dataset in MatLab +3.17
Specifying multiple files when compiling from C++ to LLVM IR using... 0.00
Does anyone know the difference between endl(cout) and cout <<... -4.23
Python: `1+1j == (1+1j)` but `1+1j.imag == 2`, why? +1.00
How to pack squares into circles? -3.40
optimization, reduction variables, and MATLAB parfor -0.67
How is it possible to take an exponential of a matrix in MATLAB? +3.43
Checking if a list of strings can be chained +0.94
how does one set a program's command line arguments, for ghci? -1.76
The error() function in gcc. What it does and does it exist in Visu... 0.00
Carriage return as line ending in c++ file +1.26
Developing a desktop environment for linux 0.00
Totally stuck in git - "git push" does not work, and &quo... -3.44
In matplotlib, how do you display an axis on both sides of the figu... 0.00
Algorithm to calculate 'treat as white' value on a scanned image 0.00
How can i get a permutation given indexes? +0.42
Bitwise flag issue +3.34
Does template (meta)programming has always only one way of implemen... +4.04
Why permutation matrices are used to swap rows of an array? +3.45
How to format a date using preg_split +2.21
Fastest way to determine last "record".. ideally in paral... 0.00
Now that HTML5 has a standard algorithm for rendering pages, will i... +3.82
Script programming strategies for high-load servers -0.31
How to get size of an array using metaprogramming? +0.15
Read from input two values and add them, just using one variable..... +1.96
Problem with a loop inside makefile 0.00
Isnt setprecision not supposed to change the value stored in variab... -1.28
What would cause OpenGL alpha blending differences between Windows... +3.99
Write a bash shell script that consumes a constant amount of RAM fo... +2.21
Most unpatched Tomcat webservers are vulnerable, who's at fault? +3.81
Assignment of const to non-const in C +2.01
boost::iostream zlib compressing multiple files into one archive 0.00
C++ Templates + Shared Library => ambiguous call +3.76