An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1431.17 (4,408,330th)
8,019 (19,607th)
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Title Δ
Is it possible to use Python's cmd module remotely with multipl... 0.00
Rewrite bash command to be ShellCheck compliant -1.29
Error reading characters of string C++ 0.00
Method and inner class with the same name (error: ... conflicts wit... -1.26
MS ODBC Alpine Support +0.10
Why is it impossible to mix Python2 with Python3? +3.02
Windows executable fails to start despite having correct DLLs in ro... +0.47
Find difference between two values? +1.22
How to move through git commits -1.61
Is there a way to pass function from objective-c++ to standard c++? 0.00
kramdown does not format tables 0.00
Firmware Development 0.00
Unable to Install Visual Studio 2013 on Computer with Visual Studio... 0.00
Where to run python file on Remote Debian Sever 0.00
pyinstaller not reading my hook file and doesn't work with win3... 0.00
Finding the default application for a particular file name extensio... 0.00
Unable to create a build with version number in mac using pyinstaller 0.00
How do I make sense of Ruby documentation? 0.00
How do I log into django? (Rant warning) 0.00
Will Skype4Com stop working in 2014? 0.00
Can I check in unix binaries (compiled executable, libraries, etc)... 0.00
Is the env $LANG setting equivalent to a "magic" utf-8 co... 0.00
How to diagnose COM-callable wrapper object creation failure? 0.00
How to fix the consequences of wrong reset? 0.00
What kind of function call is this? -1.76
Convert .gitignore to rsync merge filter include file? (with sed or... +2.00
Convert .gitignore to rsync merge filter include file? (with sed or... -2.00
How to go back to a specific line -0.99
C++ How do I delete a new line from the end of a text file? -0.13
Is this possible to host only complied code of PHP to server +0.45
C++ compiler error message +0.60
.gitignore failed to ignore a newly created text file 0.00
get errors after git pull +0.60
Accelerate software running in linux 0.00
Detect if text in English with python -0.40
madSHI MadExcept equivalent for .NET (C#) 0.00
What do I do when my program crashes with exception 0xc0000005 at a... -1.41
Permission denied (publickey) I still get an error 0.00
How to delete a file in remote repository ONLY? 0.00
Can Debug.Assert be set to just throw an exception instead of poppi... +0.62
My local files are missing 0.00
Is this a good strategy to undo git stuff? -0.75
Python - How to make a local variable (inside a function) global -0.24
single vs shared ownership meaning -0.44
Git: Renaming files with EGit causes deletion of file history -0.41
GMAIL API - Quickest method to check for new Mail -0.94
Maximum amount of data that can be sent using MPI::Send -0.40
Git submodules in github repo 0.00
How to create ANSI C file in Visual Studio 2012? -0.31
Simple correction for a c program +0.19