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Rating Stats for

Alain T.

1509.17 (76,812th)
7,637 (20,762nd)
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Title Δ
Function that is agnostic to object implementing len() or shape 0.00
Consecutive values in a list (python) -0.01
Adding (2,) and (2, 1) arrays in Numpy +0.49
To concatenate an array inside other array? -0.27
Checking for sum of primes -0.01
Optimization of comparisons between each key in a dictionary (Python) -0.25
How can I count the number of pairs in a tuple such that both the e... -0.69
Assign variable based on multiple conditions and multiple values +0.16
List of lists to dict with every item in sublist as key +1.50
Get Nearest non-None Item in List 0.00
Better solution for multiplying numbers without multiply operator +1.26
Two Python objects share data due to problematic initialization 0.00
Pythonic way to check a dict has all the keys it should -1.71
Python list comprehension sometimes slow +0.48
How to find the longest common substring between two strings using... 0.00
Function that prints prime factorization of any number / Python +1.94
How to transform &#xxx; characters to their normal representati... +2.03
Python: I have a list and I want to add it to each element of the l... -0.80
Splitting an array of dates into multiple lists as per month -0.50
Ideas to optimize the time complexity of the program 0.00
What's the most efficient way to compare 2 numbers (16bit) bit... -1.17
Splitting a Python string every nth character iterating backwards +0.22
How to solve sum of sequence range of digits with less time complex... +0.93
How to get all possible combinations of dividing a list of length n... 0.00
Given n and a particular permutation s, find the next permutation i... +0.48
While loop program for parentheses +0.11
How to find sum of product of min value and length of sub list +0.24
For loops program to print out a rectangle -0.67
Divide and Conquer Longest Run Recursively 0.00
continuing permutations from a certain point using itertools +2.31
how to print only one key of a python dictionary per line +0.85
Difference between two dates ignoring year 0.00
Pascal Triangle type Problem - Find the number in top layer by addi... +0.00
Form all possible combinations of groups of 2, 3, 4 from a list whe... +2.08
Assigning variable based on position at a table with variable numbe... 0.00
Fast sum of digits in a ternary representation (Python) +0.36
How to extract unique substring from a string in Python, when compa... +1.82
Counting elements in 2 arrays (GFG) +1.95
How to avoid very long if-elif-elif-else statements in Python funct... -1.52 alternative for dictionaries 0.00
sort function in list in python program? -0.54
Checking diagonal adjacent numbers greatest product in a grid 0.00
How to count consecutive days in a list of dates -0.53
check if all the values for different keys are the same -0.86
How to make a fast functional mergesort and generators 0.00
How to make key in dictionary to be the key of the dictionary -0.34
How to iterate over python dict from the chosen key to it again? -1.62
Converting list into matrix -0.01
Python randomize but repeat an element every two elements 0.00
Get and Set specific bits of a value -0.01