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1457.62 (4,353,545th)
11,306 (13,148th)
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Title Δ
How can I read a csv file as a dictionary such that the keys are tu... 0.00
How to create element of XML file with looping using powershell? 0.00
Using some of the custom class property as a unique key to another... 0.00
Python - csv reader - reading a sample 0.00
Updating/Appending to json (nested) in python 0.00
sort a list according to keys and for elements with same keys as pe... 0.00
Merge a list of dicts into a single dict adding values for common k... 0.00
Using Powershell to edit XML file 0.00
How to do logical and operation on list of bool objects list? 0.00
Sorting LINQ 'GroupBy' operator keys into a custom order 0.00
Merge Dictionaries oin a list with the same key 0.00
Compare list of dictionaries with variable number of dictionaries i... 0.00
Python Print(item) doesn't show any output 0.00
Parse XML to extract data with grouping in PowerShell 0.00
Python combine lines without blank new lines 0.00
Least line code to print a list of tuple in separate line 0.00
Access Azure API in Python 0.00
Iterate list and show only items which contains specific word 0.00
What is the best way to convert dictionary to a custom KeyValuePair... 0.00
can I fill only raw value 100 for "Name" instead of Value... 0.00
C# Using a linq query to filter on Values in an Array 0.00
How to find which item in a JSON list has the greatest value for tw... 0.00
How i can to move child dict to parent? 0.00
Python change negative values to positive values in dictionary 0.00
How to extract the value of a given key based on the value of anoth... 0.00
How do I display just the top 5 highscores from my file? 0.00
How to join a single element (consisting of two values) in a list w... 0.00
Powershell compare text files and write difference lines to a new f... 0.00
How do I check if the given number is the sum of a list slice? 0.00
How to detect next task in list, depending on sequential order 0.00
Get instances from intersection 0.00
How to merge two arrays into one and find the biggest value from it... 0.00
Fastest way to remove duplicates in a list without importing librar... 0.00
How to convert a multi-dimensional array containing multiple arrays... 0.00
Using Linq to group a list of objects that contains primitives data... 0.00
Can you scan a directory for a file name to discover what type of f... 0.00
How do I extract words from a list that start with "A" in... 0.00
De-duplicating elements of dictionary based on conditions [Python] 0.00
python check if dict has any nested items 0.00
How to add new key in the existing dictionary and derive a nested d... 0.00
How to extract Json data and export to csv 0.00
Combining multiple dictionaries into a nested dictionary (Python) 0.00
append all values in a dict if all elements exists and remove dupli... 0.00
Sorting tuples in python and keeping the relative order 0.00
Powershell - Search 2 values into .xml file with regular expression 0.00
How do I set up my Linux Azure VM so that I can connect via a brows... 0.00
PowerShell. Group-object usage in one file 0.00
Breaking a list into smaller lists at a point 0.00
How to group list of dictionaries based on one key value pair? 0.00