An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1470.56 (4,392,150th)
11,306 (13,148th)
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Title Δ
Can I find the amount of available IP addresses in an Azure subnet? 0.00
Sorting list dict by index and get top n elements 0.00
Remove duplicate values from array and convert object into title case 0.00
Parsing XML file using PowerShell 0.00
Update a list of Dict based on another Dict 0.00
How to save tuple value into variable dynamically in python? 0.00
What is the better(neater) way to find the largest list range in di... 0.00
Azure CLI - Delete resource without deleting resource group 0.00
Python Groupby keys list of dictionaries 0.00
Import list of IP, and then resolve-DNS for each of the IP address(... 0.00
How To Get Any Blob Property in Azure using PowerShell 7 0.00
How to lock all resources in an Azure Resource group using Python 0.00
Create VM Using Azure CLI(Cloud Shell-Bash) 0.00
Find duplicates of dictionary in a list and combine them in Python 0.00
Find the first element in a list where all subsequent values increm... 0.00
Which type of CPU structures Azure VM linux machines are based on 0.00
How to extract strings out of tuples in python 0.00
Return strange value when extract all values from a list of dicts i... 0.00
Count consistent duplicates in python? +0.54
How to split array into another based on attribute value? -1.00
Check if value exists in file +0.19
Sorting a list of dates +0.31
Using List Comprehension To Repeat Entries in 2D Array -0.99
Azure VM metadata missing / emtpy publicIpAddress 0.00
Grouping similar month and year in a list -0.43
Remove simultaneity from list of tuples from list of tuples +0.35
How to get specific data on a unit of dict in json +2.50
for loop in a list which contains dictionary +2.45
Pythonic way to join a string in a loop to create textblock 0.00
building dictionaries from a list based on a repeating item +2.48
Python search logs using wildcard options -1.21
Finding if a value in a list is greater than the item below it +0.07
The number of times an item was on the list before -0.01
Sort list with binary values +0.04
Read xlsx from azure blob storage to pandas dataframe without creat... 0.00
Sort a python dictionary by a specific function applied to its keys -1.65
How can I filter a python dictionary by minimum value and return a... +0.91
Select specific elements from a dictionary with tuple values -0.29
Where are auto generated SSH keys stored in Windows using azure cli... +0.53
Productory with lambda function in Python -0.98
Better way of writing a long and simple if statement? -0.46
Python3 - List comprehension: Not in nested lists +2.43
python list split convert to int and add +0.54
Which is the fastest way to count elements in array -1.40
XML to Table / CSV 0.00
return list 10 times with for. I want 2 numbers to be printed on th... +0.55
Erroneous behaviour while updating nested dictionary python3 0.00
what is the most efficient way to get the cyclic sum of an integer? 0.00
How Powershell can get data after number of "/" -0.46
Compare two nested lists and keep the union of elements 0.00