An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1623.46 (996th)
50,816 (1,956th)
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Title Δ
What is the most concise way to generate strings of language anbncn... 0.00
Polynomial Hashing vs Cyclic Polynomial shifting for strings 0.00
How computer languages are made using theory of automata concept? +1.01
Turing machines and decidability 0.00
A Semaphore example 0.00
Need a better explanation of this lengthy DFA word problem ( CS : F... 0.00
How do you draw a DFA for a specific range of binary numbers? 0.00
How do I concatenate adjacent Kleene star symbols from an alphabet? 0.00
how to prove an arbitrary language can be accepted by an Infinite s... 0.00
Consolidating partitions / aka Compaction algorithm +0.33
infinite regular language and finite regular language proof -0.65
Enter a description of the language accepted by following Determini... 0.00
Keeping a track of internal nodes in a binary tree in a postorder f... 0.00
Data Structure and Algorithms in python 0.00
Implemented Linked List Constructor to Fill Values to a Certain Size 0.00
How can I modify this code to iterate the matrices n times? 0.00
LRU Cache Key, Value, Node.Value Real World Interpretation 0.00
Average number of nodes searched for in various data structures. Di... 0.00
Finding all bridge edges in an undirected graph? (Code not working) 0.00
Convert DFA to RE -0.65
Search with linear probing pseudocode 0.00
Minimum number of states in DFA -0.64
What is the difference between (a+b)* and (a*b*)*? -1.25
How is bitmap arrays more efficient than logical arrays? 0.00
How Nodes are pointed/referenced in linkedlist 0.00
The state diagram of DFA 0.00
Problems with finding unique values in regEx +1.45
CFG for language 0.00
Turing machine for addition and comparison of binary numbers -2.68
Models of Computation - (Deterministic Finite Automaton 0.00
A math problem i encountered when trying to make a program 0.00
Best data structure & packages to represent geometric units on... -0.17
Find a finite automata such that L(M) = {w € {a,b}*: w has 2 consec... 0.00
Is it possible to generate a deadlock between only 2 transactions a... 0.00
Find the local minima in a given array -0.19
Applying kleene star to a FSM 0.00
how does Lambda work in python with max function? +0.33
Write the regular expression that describes the set 0.00
Is it TRUE that L^R = L, if and only if L is the language of palind... 0.00
How to add 'n' amount of odd integers? -1.20
Is bin(n)bin(2^(k+1) * n + 1)^R context free? +1.33
while does this simple c++ program to print powers of 2 work when t... 0.00
If M is a turing machine, the question if L(M) = A Regular Language... -2.69
Given Regular Language, find Regular Expression 0.00
The for loop in this program isn't working as expected -1.24
problem creating an easy context free grammar that has some conditi... 0.00
Fixed size tape Turing machine which cannot write on input is equiv... 0.00
Language of all strings that has exactly 1 triple b 0.00
In a DFA, does trapped state have a transition on every symbol of t... -0.68
Can Countable string is Countable always? 0.00