An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1577.44 (3,179th)
43,218 (2,491st)
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Title Δ
I cannot call methods in c# +0.38
Wireshark filter syntax 0.00
Replace string with elements recursively -2.01
When to use assert() and when to use try catch? +0.61
restriced key sort in unix +0.39
Explicit assignment of null -0.32
What's the benefit of using "#" in git commit messages? +1.86
How does this regex divide text into sentences? +0.74
How to create Object (label, button) using Code -0.02
Auto-properties: Checking/validating during the "set" 0.00
what are the use of interfaces and diffrences with respect to inher... -1.32
Normalization is better or composite primary key is better? +1.58
RegEx To Match "whole word" returns exception -0.73
Design of double linked Parent - Child relation -0.52
Lambda expressions and how to combine them? -0.66
Get one year back from current date +0.39
Exception on ConvertTimeToUtc -0.23
Strange Null pointer exception case: ternary conditional operator n... +1.43
Remove item from list based on condition +0.04
() => construct +0.90
Path.GetTempFileName in MultiProcessing +0.39
How to temporarily unbranch? +1.01
Method contains another method -0.09
when dialog result for form get return 0.00
Create an arraylist of struct in C# +0.34
Getting MAC Address C# +0.53
KeyDown event - how to easily know if the key pressed is numeric? -0.43
Why is it okay for an enum to have two different names with the sam... +0.68
Recursive function returns unexpected result +0.38
Repository pattern, one interface, multiple classes -0.36
Scroll to first checked item in a CheckedListBox -0.13
Programming Interview Question / how to find if any two integers in... -0.79
How to sort a list of objects by a specific member? +0.71
Tips for reading and grasping the big picture of large C projects? +1.05
help me with priority stack in C# +0.69
How do i close the form after the user picks a drive? +0.11
Discovering instances of a program on a network +0.42
RegEx for LINQ like syntax -0.18
How to ensure that randomly generated numbers are not being repеаted? -0.69
Fast sum of values in a multidimensional array (C#) -1.17
C# how do I pause my program and wait for keyboard input from withi... -2.26
If not exists then exit + cmd 0.00
What are carriage return, linefeed, and form feed? +1.39
cannot declare instance members in a static class in C# -0.16
How to easily salt a password in a C# windows form application? -1.23
how to convert any number of list to between 0 and 1 +0.12
Do cryptographic hashes provide really unique results? -0.09
How to implement three stacks using a single array +0.66
Getting fields of a class through reflection 0.00
What does this regex do? +0.68