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1555.90 (5,870th)
43,966 (2,330th)
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Title Δ
Making an index sequence for tuple implementation 0.00
How can an atomic operation be not a synchronization operation? -0.52
C++ overloading the equality operator. Should I write my function t... -0.03
Cost of namespaces -2.02
removing constexpr from a variable capturing a constexpr function r... +0.89
Advantages of boolean values to bit-fields +0.37
define arraysize using an int value from a function in c -0.74
Summing up the elements in a std::integer_sequence -0.01
Adding custom flag to CAT command in MINIX 0.00
Get number of constexpr initialized members of std::array +0.42
Two consequent std::chrono::high_resolution_clock::now() gives ~270... -0.27
c++ is_member_pointer implementation -0.84
Are read from and writing to vector thread-safe operations in vecto... +1.17
Can't compile shared library in Eclipse -0.28
std::initializer_list destructs the containing objects before the s... -2.20
Is there any simple way of finding the current working directory? c++ 0.00
Usage before initialization of const member, is this expected bahvi... +1.68
Declaring all variables as pointers vs. using address operators in C +1.46
How is the value object constructed in case key is not present whil... 0.00
How to create an array from two index sequence at compile time -0.28
Class Template Argument Deduction in member variables 0.00
How do I solve this logical operator problem? -0.66
Can I generate a function without providing arguments? 0.00
Thread Safe Singleton Class - Am I doing this Right? +1.83
How can I capture an unsigned value without casting? -0.14
Can we assign a value inside the if statement? +2.19
How to declare array of structs in C 0.00
Are statically compiled pure standard C++ programs portable provide... -0.27
What are the drawbacks of having unused classes left in a c++ proje... -0.95
Initialize reference member by new() call -1.93
C palindrome program working on local PC, but not on INGInious +1.19
C++ dynamic alocate, pointers +0.39
Does a linker copy the content of a function or simply makes a link... +0.25
Are multiple source files being passed to gcc treated as a single t... 0.00
Make a number of objects available to user -0.69
Create and Call an Empty Function 0.00
Can I avoid copying during the intialization of a std::initializer_... -1.15
What is the relationship between an array and its address? -1.62
std::thread() and std::ref() cause build errors when used inside of... -0.32
Understanding perfect forwarding +2.24
Use curly braces to remove allocations from the stack -0.99
Reading a socket asynchronously with `read` and `epoll` -1.90
Static array of static members: possibility of initialization order... +0.16
How to find an element in a specified range in std::map? -1.83
One thread sets member while the other loops over it - Is this thre... -1.18
lambda expression to assign a member function pointer +2.28
Can a C++ pointer point to a static member array of string literals? -0.47
Is this a right behavior? -1.83
Variable assignment in an if-condition statement -0.18
C++ template class friend with all type +2.31