An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1538.67 (12,192nd)
6,626 (24,308th)
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Title Δ
Overriding Pure Virtual Functions from a Template Base Class 0.00
Confusion regarding fork() system call in C -2.37
Force ARM compiler to issue an undefined macro error +0.21
What is a key in a linked list? -2.05
What does "negation of enumeration" mean? +0.44
Which is better way to initialize array of characters using string... +0.43
use of "&" with auto 0.00
Conflicting Types error for typedef (timer_t) -1.95
Compiler or Standard C++ Library - new and delete -0.91
exposing only certain methods through public inheritence -0.60
Unable to put spaces in variable names - Visual Studio 2015 (C++) -0.58
printing output as a table in python terminal and saving output as... 0.00
Program crashes when executed after linking to a directory 0.00
Avoiding the the patch command to ask for which file to patch '... 0.00
c++ lambda capture by value +0.56
Find max among 32 bit integers -2.11
Cython code : Python.h no such file or directory 0.00
Convert C++ to C 0.00
raw_input() and math equations -0.12
Store a long decimal in C 0.00
Should I store temporary files in the __pycache__ folder? 0.00
Tracing program in assembly. +1.65
Printout st_uid in C Programming -0.53
Why using Low-level-Languages or close to it ( C ) for embedded sys... -0.46
python regex matching "ab" or "ba" words -0.47
rvalue references: what exactly are "temporary" objects,... +0.74
How can I change pointer parameter contents in C++ -1.24
Having trouble keeping a persistent variable in a class 0.00
initialize 3D std::vector with size and value -0.58
Neatest (or most readable yet still one line way) to print second t... +1.68
How is a rvalue dereferenced? +0.45
ICMP header and IP header checksum calculations 0.00
How to split tsv file into smaller tsv file based on row values +1.65
Using Py_BuildValue() to create a list of tuples in C 0.00
Cython : How wrap C function that takes a void* pointer / how to ca... +0.45
handling system(command) call timeout in Linux 0.00
Why can't python sockets resolve url's with http in it +0.10
modify fflush() that guarantee calling ungetc() twice in a row in C 0.00
Looking for QWERTZ KEYBOARD MAP to use in own operating system -0.25
How to access a char array and change lower case letters to upper c... +0.75
Creating dynamic file pointers in C++ +2.14
C preprocessor concatenation outside of #define +2.03
Assembly partial registers 0.00
How to print argv arguments from main function in C? +1.13
Does anyone know how to manually mangle names in Visual C++? +2.74
How does a software-based context-switch with TSS and different pri... 0.00
How do I get the register values for a particular frame? 0.00
"Inconsistent operand constraints in an 'asm'" GC... 0.00
Understanding Pure Functions in Haskell w/ IO +0.03
How to cross compile GCC on x86 for Sun4v? 0.00