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Jay Lee

1495.84 (4,060,945th)
473 (280,790th)
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Title Δ
How To Pass Arrays From A String Array in One Struct To Titles In A... 0.00
SwiftUI navigate to different view from List 0.00
Always set "0" in UITextField if empty, even after typing... 0.00
Constraint to set max height for items inside stackView 0.00
Resize Font For Unicode 0.00
How can I print the output of each line in an .ml file 0.00
Compile error when huge Dictionary object. Breaking up the expression 0.00
Casting to String and Bool from firebase function 0.00
How to process data from multiple results with enum 0.00
How to open view controllers in a container view without storyboard 0.00
Getting the parent of parent view? 0.00
View is not autoresizing to meet constraints 0.00
Separate a given string using special characters in swift -4.00
collectionView didSelectItemAt superview not selecting the correct... 0.00
XLActionController doesn't know any class for example TweetbotA... 0.00
Chaining Multiple JSON Request Using Decodable - Swift 5 -2.05
How to fix the wrong frame after device rotation? 0.00
Swift function call and protocol -3.59
What is the difference between a UICollectionView Item, Section, an... 0.00
Finding all combinations in an array (Swift 5) with enumeration +0.27
Swift Tableview Load Data from Firebase Database 0.00
How to Create Optional Struct with Arrays 0.00
How do I unwrap an optional within a struct and use an if statement... -3.03
How to pass a (changing) variable between two view controllers? +3.86
Displaying Firebase data in UITableView 0.00
Type Mismatch Error while convert object in swift 0.00
What is the correct way to retrieve all data and then filter into t... +3.99
Swift update value inside Dictionary<String, Any> in an Array +4.63
Swift tableView cellForRowAt get array's subKeyName's array -0.05
Could not cast value of type '__NSDictionaryM' (0x1f0c63860... 0.00
viewForHeaderInSection not displaying label in table view -4.18