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Jay Lee

1495.84 (3,991,097th)
473 (280,049th)
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Title Δ
How to open view controllers in a container view without storyboard 0.00
Getting the parent of parent view? 0.00
View is not autoresizing to meet constraints 0.00
Separate a given string using special characters in swift -4.00
collectionView didSelectItemAt superview not selecting the correct... 0.00
XLActionController doesn't know any class for example TweetbotA... 0.00
Chaining Multiple JSON Request Using Decodable - Swift 5 -2.05
How to fix the wrong frame after device rotation? 0.00
Swift function call and protocol -3.59
What is the difference between a UICollectionView Item, Section, an... 0.00
Finding all combinations in an array (Swift 5) with enumeration +0.27
Swift Tableview Load Data from Firebase Database 0.00
How to Create Optional Struct with Arrays 0.00
How do I unwrap an optional within a struct and use an if statement... -3.03
How to pass a (changing) variable between two view controllers? +3.86
Displaying Firebase data in UITableView 0.00
Type Mismatch Error while convert object in swift 0.00
What is the correct way to retrieve all data and then filter into t... +3.99
Swift update value inside Dictionary<String, Any> in an Array +4.63
Swift tableView cellForRowAt get array's subKeyName's array -0.05
Could not cast value of type '__NSDictionaryM' (0x1f0c63860... 0.00
viewForHeaderInSection not displaying label in table view -4.18