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Thanh Vu

1478.53 (4,375,722nd)
1 (4,226,273rd)
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Title Δ
Post notification from OBJC to Swift 0.00
Need help displaying image uploaded from UIImagePicker onto ImageVi... 0.00
Dynamic height for a UITableView inside a UITableViewCell 0.00
Maintain order of elements of NSMutableDictionary 0.00
which version of X code supported in iPhone XR 0.00
Why don't loading indicator show when user save image to librar... -4.09
Why isn't my UIScrollViewDelegate being called in a swift playg... -4.06
How to fit a font size on each device in Main storyboard of iOS? 0.00
Send array from custom cell to another view controller 0.00
Why is the cell not resizing with its content? 0.00
TabBarController icon not showing until clicked - No Storyboard 0.00
Use different framework for device and simulator -3.85
Get all CGPoint from the area of circle 0.00
Xcode 11 - Fastlane deliver failed 0.00
iOS13: Is there a way to disable the new swipe to type feature? 0.00
How to create a shortcut to an app on mobile? 0.00
Is it necessary to update the TableView layout on rotation? 0.00
How to enable keyboard speaker on button action 0.00
Overriding a generic function produce an error 0.00
Convert [Observable<T>] to Observable<[T]> in RxSwift 0.00
Does my app make a call to HTTPS using UIApplication.shared.openURL? 0.00
Reduce image size upto max 100 kb and with fix dimension 512x512 in... 0.00
UILabel text not updating inside For loop execution Swift +4.11
Xcode playground prints wrong date value despite showing the correc... 0.00
How to load JSON array data into UIActionSheet button title using S... 0.00
How to get json fields? +2.36
Is there an alternative for function Present in a UItableViewCell? +4.41
How disable drag dismiss in UIViewController +4.30
Object allocate and init in Swift 0.00
IPA contains the relative path of my source code in IOS 0.00
How to read a custom environment variable in a run script, Xcode 10? 0.00
Unable to access Bundle in swift file -3.76
Why the value of "someVariable" variable didn't chang... -1.21
How to convert CGRect to CGPoint iOS Swift -1.23
Objective-C: initialization of blocks stored in collections -3.66
Invert `if let ... as?` without resorting to force unwrapping -0.75
Signing provisioning file conflict in Xcode 0.00
CLLocation found nil after using CLLocationManagerDelegate 0.00
How to format decimal in Swift to percentage -3.09
Subview not getting displayed 0.00
Can I use provisioning profile for Enterprise store and App store? -1.64
iOS 13 UITabBar RePosition to Top -3.88
Replace a string with another -3.23
RxSwift: Subscribe to Handle result as tuple? 0.00
Writing Intel Syntax in Xcode 10.3 0.00
Swift: Cannot click button in subview 0.00
Self sizing cells height change causes jumping animation 0.00
Why my request POST swift to php, the content always to be key in PHP +4.36
Prevent UIButton Long Press Repeating Function -4.46
FunctionBuilder with 1 item 0.00