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Ian Abbott

1509.90 (68,959th)
3,161 (53,219th)
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Title Δ
Why does the typeof function not working in C 0.00
hrtimer timer mode in hrtimer_init() vs expiry mode in hrtimer_star... 0.00
init function not present in kallsyms 0.00
When NULL is not all-zero-bits, is an all-zero-bit pointer value al... 0.00
Automatic yes command when patching? 0.00
for_each_possible_cpu macro in vmalloc_init() function, does the co... 0.00
Is mmap callback called with mmap_sem held? 0.00
Why is it dangerous? 0.00
How write sort with unknown argument. Cant iterate with void*/ 0.00
File operation in drivers and struct declaration 0.00
Understanding kmap on 64-bit Linux 0.00
How to printk value of specific memory adrress? 0.00
How standard is the {0} initializer in C89? 0.00
Confusion in the use of putchar() function in C 0.00
How is a process waken up if slept in interruptible state? 0.00
Comparing struct pointers, casting away members, and UB 0.00
C function to modify the value of a nested struct? 0.00
How to use a declared global variable in another global variable Ar... 0.00
Can I ask if a substring is part of a string using C preprocessor d... 0.00
Defining a variable arguments function in a preprocessor #define 0.00
Struct field of undefined type in C 0.00
having some confusion about c pointer assignment 0.00
Is there a way to prepend a certain group of functions with another... 0.00
How do you allocate memory when reading from a file for a dma struc... 0.00
How can I convert this C algorithm from recursive to iterative? 0.00
When does fork() == fork()? -1.55
How to get attribute of a directory like last access and last modify 0.00
Libgit2 git_blob vs memory +2.53
C loss data in structure 0.00
Difference between printing out pointer vs dereferenced pointer -1.63
How do I insert word from text and keep track of word frequency by... 0.00
prevent arithmetic overflow +2.25
Filling up float ** from int16_t * +0.47
Why gdb shows different addresses in RIP-relative mode from absolut... 0.00
Program C Recursion (Sum of odd numbers in array) Problem with the... 0.00
Using void (*)() pointers for other functions -0.86
Tried implementing stack through structure in C but getting Runtime... +0.49
C program for BMI 0.00
Linux Kernel: how to use request_module() and try_module_get() 0.00
Confusion about how char *s and char s[] works at low level +0.29
Linked Lists user insert a node (C) +0.49
Is it possible to transform all these pointers into array of pointe... +2.10
From struct, pointer to NULL, and back +0.50
How to use assert with fopen in C? 0.00
device tree gpios on Linux kernel for AGX jetson-Xavier 0.00
Change passed pointer in function 0.00
Generate all numbers of length M (1<M<10) with elements from... -2.05
swapping nodes for a bubble sort doubly linked list C 0.00
Linux device driver: probe function not called for compatible devic... 0.00
Are threads copied when calling fork? -0.56