An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1548.65 (8,087th)
226,290 (188th)
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Title Δ
Publishing NPM module to github packages registry from Github Actio... 0.00
spark - where dataframe is defined in scala source code 0.00
Git: How to remove one commit from the main branch +0.26
How to loop through subnets in a resource using count 0.00
Terraform modules and providers 0.00
How to create a json from pandas data frame where columns are the key +0.37
how to deploy a specific tf file in terraform -2.14
Git log gives 400 500 as committer name 0.00
Numpy requirement not satisified for Pandas -0.32
docker port mapping is not working on windows 10 even after the por... -0.08
Any plugin for Github to enforce jira issue key in commits -0.11
How to set environment variable in container from Kubernetes? -0.09
Get file content as a Terraform output 0.00
Why 'null' is passed as argument in functions in javascript? 0.00
Best approach to control terraform similar resources without re-cre... 0.00
terraform: how do you make a resource idempotent - i.e. create if n... -0.14
Delete EBS volume when termination EC2 Instance, via terraform 0.00
Kubernetes log location inside the pod 0.00
Kubernetes: extract environment variables from a file when pod kick... -0.34
Concatenate powershell commands -0.55
Reference an existing EC2 node's public IP-address in Terraform... +0.43
How to sync a directory with Terraform? 0.00
How to get the IP of the new instances after scaling? -0.57
Error when modifying namespace for nginx ingress 0.00
Error while creating a UDF in Spark -2.24
How to union multiple csv files in to single csv file 0.00
docker-compose.yml invalid type 0.00
Using Gradle, how can I list just the JSON library of the Play fram... 0.00
Removing "." from Spark DataFrame column names 0.00
Running Dependent Queries with SparkSQL using Spark Session 0.00
How do you use map-reduce in scala dataframes when u have 2 fields... 0.00
pyspark tsv duplicate columns 0.00
Dataframe to RDD[Row] replacing space with nulls +1.12
How do you connect to postgres running in a Docker container on OSx? +0.46
How to upload my new branch to github -0.08
How can I edit a GitHub release date? 0.00
Terraform plan -destroy has additional items in red 0.00
Force terraform to keep creating new ECS task definitions instead o... -0.09
Kubernetes pod not starting -0.55
Why is my recursive JavaScript function not returning the string? -0.97
Deploying a network of containers in a single K8s pod 0.00
Add host mapping to /etc/hosts in Kubernetes -2.51
coreos kube-aws K8s cluster nodes must have a Tag named "Kuber... +0.42
How to list Kubernetes recently deleted pods? -0.08
Can kubernetes schedule multiple unrelated pods on one host? -0.57
Google runs billions of containers a week, what does that mean? +0.41
How to prevent a pod to be added to a kube-service unitl initializa... 0.00
Recover files after bad git reset --hard command 0.00
Scala: function with no arguments +0.41
How to pass terraform outputs variables into ansible as vars_files? -0.09