An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1518.57 (33,993rd)
1,126 (138,865th)
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Title Δ
Retrieving a String from a text file and using substr() yields \xxx... 0.00
What's a simple way to plot in pyqtgraph without it exiting imm... 0.00
Conditionally passing a modified copy instead of const original bec... -3.32
Height of a Binary Tree - iterative 0.00
How many PR numbers exist in a given range? +0.24
Portably exit readline from C++11 thread with SDL2 0.00
Programming a haskell matrix-solver for learning, runtime logic err... +3.79
Why does this O(n^2) code execute faster than O(n)? +0.57
Python: Using a variable when creating an RTF file -0.15
Using a selection sort to sort an array in python. How can I optimi... +3.79
Knight tour on Infinite Grid with blocking cell 0.00
node console.log() output array in one line 0.00
finding smallest positive integer missing from an unsorted array, h... +0.52
Do I need to static_cast my numeric template values? 0.00
NumPy - Wrap values around arbitrary boundaries +3.90
Program crashes, when calling capsulated std::begin from member-class +3.91
Product of Products of elements of all subsequences of length k of... +4.08
Replace existing and add new entries in std::map +0.88
Finding list of dominators of a single node (with respect to a sing... 0.00
How to match Exactly two characters in a string at anywhere +0.29
Preprocessor macro calling all possible combinations +4.00
Preprocessor macro calling all possible combinations -4.00
Passing variadic parameters in an already template-variadic function +0.33
Waterfall Rock Hit Counter -4.14
No Build System : Sublime Text 3 0.00
Python 3.6, utf-8 to unicode conversion, string with double backsla... 0.00
Generating a graphic for lines 0.00
Why does regex not match this string 0.00
String binary combinatorics -1.96
Sort a list of one value dictionaries -1.64
Adding more types to template specialization 0.00
Addition of two numbers from user input using FASM 0.00
How to name an integer with a string name? 0.00
Struct pointer contains pointer to char (string) , how to allocate... +3.96
How to improve the speed of comparing strings in lists(millions of... 0.00
create a json without undefined 0.00
Convert string representation of tuple to dict 0.00
Some confusions about pointers to data-member in C++ -0.67
Cout in function prints too many times in C++ -0.25
Check if value is greater than zero in Java +4.43
primary expression error before "]" 0.00