An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1441.79 (4,534,265th)
517 (266,089th)
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Title Δ
How to add events in javascript fullCalendar -1.45
Why is the browser not recognising my Javascript commands -1.66
Find id of element without class inside a specific element children -0.80
Ajax call not running simultaneously in multiple browser window 0.00
BootStrap Modal data attributes not refreshing -3.33
Hidden text field when website load and enable text field then chec... -0.82
Javascript reads only first elements(from array) in nested for loops -1.80
expand a drop downlist when click on the more option 0.00
checking id to set value +0.83
formvalidation radio button validation 0.00
HTML form validation for next and prev buttons form flow 0.00
Disable future dates +0.51
how to select first_parent class with child class and same for seco... 0.00
Button keeps submitting other events (jQuery) +0.80
String search and split +4.54
"Unexpected token o" in JSON 0.00
Change color of the dots +0.62
How to add elements to JSON Object -1.94
Bootstrap carousel : add a class to body on slide change +0.91
How do I turn milliseconds into days, hours and minutes with jQuery? +0.92
Controlling multiple CSS events with single Function -0.42
Bootstrap navbar dropdown not opening 0.00
How to repeat parsing json data using javascript in html +1.42
Datepicker to show different value in dropdown when a specific day... 0.00
onclick and href together not working +0.54
Issue with toggle icon +2.63
Create Json from two arays -0.96
Using FontAwesome icons as submit buttons -2.97
Not able to create html view using bootstrap 0.00
Javascript: Array inside object -3.48
How to uncheck radio button in jquery using label -1.44
how to get the content of tr having only a class -1.30
Select and Label on one row bootstrap -0.79
Change the hover over and selection color for table in Bootstrap? +0.66
JQuery siblings(). add class only to clicked column in any row -2.09
jQueryUI: Autocomplete with large data is hanging browser -3.46
ReferenceError: str is not defined -0.21
How to make an AJAX call to an html element? +0.06
implement a boostrap grid system -3.71
JS string add to end of all links +0.17
Issue with bootstrap modal usage +0.42
adding a button variable inside jquery append statement 0.00
Jquery UI auto complete in navbar 0.00
Styling select option arrows +0.39
Javascript List-like Datastructure -0.22
How to print Data-table with div content +4.42
cannot read property 'Api' of undefined to load responsive... 0.00
Java AES Encrypt in Javascript using CryptoJS -2.76
How to replace text of element that isn't tagged +4.82
How to find the child element on hover using jQuery? -3.17