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1502.34 (350,170th)
28,501 (4,371st)
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Title Δ
Collect dumps during Windows power events 0.00
Java complains that identifier is expected 0.00
clang tidy pro type member init resharper 0.00
Mix string array in Processing 0.00
Wrong use of forward declaration? 0.00
C++ LinkedList error: Access violation error 0.00
What is the macro for std::string/std::wstring in vc++? -0.55
Cannot understand some c++ -0.25
C++ polymorphism in mfc 0.00
Create an object with empty constructor 0.00
Running .exe without copying .dlls 0.00
c++ array content changed when refereing to global array +0.41
C++ string. why is the answer showing that string "dog" i... -0.05
Definition or redeclaration not allowed inside a function -0.51
C++ binary tree pointers issue -0.73
Scope of (const) variable when is not defined as extern or static -0.49
Cannot access 2 DIM array in function C -1.07
difference between string pointer and string array +0.49
Segmentation fault with scanf and strings in C +0.50
How to return a single char from a function +0.22
meaning of init(function_pointer): bgp_init(function) 0.00
c++ array to array assignment -0.01
storing Strings into Char array in C & segmentation fault +0.49
Error: Undefined first referenced symbol in file 0.00
Run time check error 2 0.00
passing string by reference and updating its value through function... 0.00
Removing item from list in c++ -0.04
Creating a Thread in C++ with Overload Error 0.00
namespaces from header files in c++ -1.16
c++ aggregation, passing parameters -0.35
Tesseract baseapi error: 'strncpy':this function or variable may be... 0.00
Why does this code print 6 instead of 5? +1.09
Adding of a vertex in graph using adjacency-list in c++ +2.07
My If statement isn't accepting '==' -0.90
std::vector: How to return pointer to object in vector c++ +1.05
Class that holds a reference to itself -1.76
C Program that takes file names as command line arguments and keeps... -0.10
XCode 4.2 crash on multiple targets setup 0.00
Same pointer address but different fields +1.77
Structure a modularized program 0.00
Initialize array of objects from a function (C++) +1.02
class constructor with structure array (direct) -1.25
Changing Individual Charachters in a String Array +0.51
What is the issue with this program? find area of room in room clas... +1.31
C++ Printing a Dynamic Array of Strings Error 0.00
Error C4430 - VS2012 -1.47
C++ Vector Syntax Errors -1.40
C++ Seperate Implementation and header files +1.17
How do I insert a while loop inside of a switch statement? +0.50
C, Compiler-Error and Pointers -0.71