An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1674.56 (289th)
43,097 (2,500th)
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Title Δ
Extract the key names from a fixed JSON structure +0.27
Combining fields from multiple arrays to a single object 0.00
update yaml file with yq version 4 0.00
update yaml array using yq 0.00
How to transform list of objects into object of lists using jq? -1.99
How to read the key value pair from yaml file if the key is email id? 0.00
Iterate over objects and print select values 0.00
How to get ripgrep to tell me which expressions from a list have no... 0.00
Checking if a branch exists in Jenkins shell script +0.78
Retrieve value based on contents of another value 0.00
xargs argument not interpreted -2.56
Programatically apply a single resource from a multi resource Kuber... +1.15
How to keep one level of object and extract one of its sub-key only? -0.95
Replacing a word over many files using Vim's regex does not wor... 0.00
Check if a string evaluates to the name of a variable in zsh - Indi... -0.74
awk variable used before defined to determine the longest line +0.45
Add formatting to a YAML value with yq v4 0.00
Substitute environment variable in all files when kubectl apply-ing +0.26
jq merge objects after find in array +1.34
Aggregate five individual objects to desired output using jq 0.00
Sort strings in array by length using jq 0.00
use self reference in `yq` write command 0.00
Use value as key for another object in jq 0.00
read raw input lines and output single array +1.37
How to target and count value with JQ? -1.17
Leave only fields with string values -1.72
Using jq to parse Array and map to string 0.00
How to save data in variable for JQ? 0.00
How to use a capture variable as a field name in JQ? +0.24
Convert a flat JSON to a TSV file with column headers 0.00
How to return deferred errors 0.00
String literals in JQ using PowerShell 0.00
Why doesn't "xargs sudo perf top" work as expected? -0.74
Using escape character to combine commands in shell? 0.00
How to read values with yq when the key has a dot? 0.00
golang bigquery docs specify done operator but it generates a compi... -2.68
What does !< means? -0.41
How to parse XML into JSON with xq and output specific elements as... 0.00
Unable to unmarshal using viper 0.00
Readarray with preppended or appended values in Bash -1.21
Jq index() Not Found +1.29
Modifying the same field in an array of objects using jq +0.58
How to loop through a json array and find a match for each item in... 0.00
Pass positional argument as a variable to awk 0.00
Remove mismatch and add missing json jq 0.00
Get array with all values for certain key in JSON wih JQ 0.00
Editing value in nested array using variables +1.52
JSON: using jq with variable keys 0.00
JSON file to CSV file conversion using jq 0.00
Infinite Loop: keep printing a single line +0.26