An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1474.47 (4,336,450th)
206 (447,403rd)
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Title Δ
Can I force std::vector to leave a memory leak? -2.39
C++ Template Specialization and Subclassing -0.31
c_str() vs. data() when it comes to return type -2.86
Get the current date and time with milliseconds with only the stand... +0.04
C++17 atomics and condition_variable deadlock -3.72
How to efficiently get a `string_view` for a substring of `std::str... -3.60
C++ Equivalent of Java Map<String, Object> +4.19
Why does my thread not run in background? -3.35
Why can't I std::move std::unique_ptrs between std::sets? +1.24
Create an array in a function in C++ without a global variable -1.65
How to compute the sine of huge numbers -3.94
Make a shared_ptr with only one owner -2.85
C++ threaded application runs slower than non-threaded -2.32
Parsing code files faster -1.11
map [] operand doesn't work c++ -3.20
Is delete[] equal to per element delete. c++ +4.45
Should the following program compile according to standard? -4.16