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Chris McKnight

1487.99 (4,444,519th)
4,840 (34,291st)
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Title Δ
jsdoc hyphen in object key 0.00
RubyMotion cannot find simulator devices watch app +0.14
NativeScript tap on element with z-index 0.00
NativeScript RadListView component template 0.00
NativeScript tests fail to run 0.00
Anuglar 6 .post .subscribe inserting record twice +0.19
Trying to install less on Ubuntu 16.04 0.00
Custom authentication for Blazer (Rails) 0.00
iOS app "Processing" in iTunes Connect -3.77
Dependency injection of CustomFieldManager 0.00
Xcode 5 copy and paste +1.26
mysqli_select_db() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, string given +4.31
AFNetworking PostPath php Parameters are null 0.00
Core Data Reload Database 0.00
ObjectiveZlib Not decompressing -3.39
How can I "Censor" the history of a git repository? 0.00
Rails: finding database records 0.00
saving image from HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA does not work in MAMP 0.00
301 redirect usign regular expression in .htaccess 0.00
make error (Windows) : line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `,' -3.17
Python 3.2: scraper gives 404 on certain URLs 0.00
Why does this SQL injection succeed even though the SQL statement p... 0.00
The C programming language book example: maybe out of date? -2.34
Model is not loaded by Controller in CI -4.03
PHP WSDL SOAP Can't Import Schema +4.21
MySql_fetch_array() error in PHP when using while -2.40
ios - button not responding to click after I change its coordinates +2.02
Objective-C method pointer send message +3.64
add row number and odd/even class to php table -3.24
Joomla PHP Download Dialog dynamic image invalid 0.00
Propel ORM: originating save() re-triggered in cascaded save 0.00
iPhone app-communicating with servers 0.00
Generate Core Data Sqlite Database on Server 0.00
Why does my PHP session keep clearing? 0.00
How to add CSRF to manually created form in wordpress? 0.00
Variables / Functions and PHP Logic -2.40
shell_exec(); not working properly in PHP -0.04
PHP dynamic include content approaches +2.06
Creating a data visualization site with Rails +4.11
Is it possible to implement this bluetooth feature in iOS 0.00
Table view cell isn't transparent until I force the cell to reload? +0.13
Why php needs <?php tag? Simple <? does not work -1.56
php PDO - Do you bind all parms? 0.00
json_decode own class - Warning: Depth must be greater than zero -3.72
php uploading large files -1.68
Why the Div tag is not working in Mozilla and IE? -1.62
1 wordpress installation 2 domains 0.00
HTML 5 form submit handler called even if form is invalid -2.99
Upload image using UIImagePickerController to dragonfly on rails 0.00
What iOS component is this? (Look at the picture) +4.05