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1598.83 (1,783rd)
570,334 (34th)
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Title Δ
Endless session: any security risk? -1.52
Is this theoretically valid method to protect against SQL injections? -2.33
Which is the best and the most efficient way to find and store non... -1.09
Is FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL sufficient to stop shell injection? -0.65
Why does this MySQL query spill over to the next line +1.30
How can I perform an SQL injection on the following PHP mysql_* code? 0.00
How can you sort an array in Ruby starting at a specific letter, sa... +0.40
parse_str & sql_injection(mysql_real_escape_string) 0.00
HTTP header `Accept-Language` : Should servers use it strictly or j... 0.00
How to clear memory after file_get_contents executes in php -1.58
SQL Injection Trap - what does this mean 0.00
Do browsers ignore slashes in URLs? +0.39
PHP HTML Decode -0.72
How to make appear pipe according to the conditions -0.35
Prove this PHP Eval of Function Dangerous -0.68
PHP: htmlspecialchars & real escape string & quote -0.50
hex encode in sql injection +0.58
Can I use SQL injection to alter server db? -2.45
Can I send binary data directly over HTTP? -0.56
How to secure a template engine in PHP from injection +0.34
Is this usage of exec() safe when using escapeshellarg()? +0.10
Optimal set of charecters to disallow/allow that prevent SQL inject... -0.61
ruby exec command injection (protection!) 0.00
Should Nonces Be Used During Log-In? 0.00
This SQL injection does not work, why? +0.64
Real escape string vs bind param 0.00
regex to match safe openssl and unsafe openssl +0.82
Re-define escape function in an XSS attack using URL hash 0.00
spotting sql injection vulnerabilities for dummies 0.00
SQL Injection and addSlashes -2.11
Can someone perform a SQL Injection based on session variables in p... +0.16
htmlspecialchars - different escaping for attributes compared to ev... -2.49
How to add data to specific columns in mysq using placeholders/prep... +1.38
How Mysqli_escape_string or Prepared statement can save me from SQL... +1.65
Why is mb_strpos() so considerably slower than strpos()? +0.46
SQL Injection - Valid subqueries within T-SQL IN +0.36
Is SQL injection not possible if only one result is displayed on th... -0.74
system command is failing in php for some case 0.00
Escaping while using PDO +0.35
Two SQL in the same request use the same parameter, but they return... 0.00
Can you "SQL Inject" a PHP Variable Comparison? 0.00
mysqli : Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by refer... +1.61
whether sql query secured from googlebots attack(google sql injecti... -0.17
Does escaping output prevent SQL Injections in any way? 0.00
How to do damage with SQL by adding to the end of a statement? -0.70
SQL injection attack with php +0.14
SQL injection with php filtering 0.00
Preventing code injection without limiting user input? +0.62
benchmark() like MySQL functions which can be potential to use in S... 0.00
Simplifying a regex 0.00