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Danubian Sailor

1479.37 (4,373,045th)
17,740 (7,871st)
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Title Δ
Invalid UTF-8 sequence with postgresql driver 9.4 and Postgres inst... 0.00
Locking an entity 0.00
Using JPA, what would cause a new row to be created rather an exist... 0.00
How to properly call PostgreSQL functions (stored procedures) withi... 0.00
using dojo NumberTextBox.displayMessage 0.00
How to get connection from EntityManager configured in Spring conte... 0.00
TheIntern test framework asynchronous setup 0.00
Override class level @Path annotation on the method 0.00
How to prevent ctrl+c killing spawned processes in Java -0.22
how to convert decimal to binary of preferred size in java +0.04
How does a language expand itself? -0.40
HTML escaping in GridX 0.00
When should you explicitly use a StringBuilder? -0.17
Spring: right way to mock beans +0.27
Dojo subclass with different requires +0.31
How to retrieve stores based on the store id +0.17
Using ComboBox with InlineEditBox 0.00
Using Dojo SpinWheel 0.00 returns null 0.00
javascript (DOJO) file caching - Client side +0.03
How to use transactions effectively in failing queries in Postgresql 0.00
java quicksort multiple criteria 0.00
Give a user the right language 0.00
Weblogic deploy issue 0.00
Parallel and non-parallel execution of tasks 0.00
How to Create WSDL file to return ArrayList? 0.00
How to get widget instance pf p:dataTable in js or JQuery -0.47
Setting path variable - java & C +0.26
Spring email add attachment -1.73
How to use Singleton object in Spring? 0.00
CommandButton produces change event causing two axjax requests 0.00
How to reset dojo CheckedMultiSelect +0.30
org.omg.CORBA.TRANSIENT: initial and forwarded IOR inaccessible vmc... 0.00
coloring primefaces table cells depending on condition +0.03
Primefaces dataTable call method multiple times when click commandB... 0.00
Trouble on making example on primefaces autocomplete component 0.00
Primeface 3.2 Picklist : Getting Target-List On JavaScript Function 0.00
How to get max "id" from MemoryStore? +0.29
Capturing primefaces <p:autoComplete> change event (detect em... 0.00
Dojo: adding a button dynamically +0.53
Does Primefaces 2.2.1 version supports IE 9 and 10 0.00
Selectable, scrollable output textarea 0.00
call a jasper PDF and show to the client or be able to download it? +0.03
Primefaces live scrolling taking long time with large datasets +0.03
How to check if a string is encrypted or not? +0.08
JPA and generics, why my class doesn't work? +2.05
Dependency injection fails on a spring test when using @Qualifier +0.53
Erreur lors de la configuration de la classe d'├ęcoute de l'applicat... 0.00
How to cancel event from onstart Javascript call 0.00
Primefaces filter datatable +0.53