An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Lloyd Keijzer

1504.41 (153,291st)
396 (324,073rd)
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Title Δ
Combine arrays when they have similar element -0.55
dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/ ... Reason: no suitable image fou... -4.20
Client must be authenticated to access this resource. jira rest api 0.00
What's the replacements of override in Rx? 0.00
IOS-Swift, CarbonKit when hit back, the Icons still stayed at pager... +3.90
Shortest way to find repetitive continuous values in an array +4.03
Calculate time between Current Time and Old Time Swift +3.94
Verfiy collections inside collection in objective c +0.01
In ios does the generated ViewController represent a part of the vi... 0.00
WKwebview how to call javascript window.print() function 0.00
How to ensure my app don't send out too many notifications +0.14
Trouble hiding backbarbutton text -0.08
swift Multiple UITextField EditingDidEnd causes app crash 0.00
Unwanted "Sticky" Tint at NavBar after back segues 0.00
how to check a key value is string or Integer (ios,Android) both -0.10
How to load html code in webview? -0.15
Decoding multi-level JSON into structs in iOS with Swift 4 +1.36
programmatically toggle UISwitch, prevent IBAction function -3.94
Add data dynamically to table when Floating Action Button is pressed 0.00
Background video move under NavagationBar with swift 0.00
Navigation bar height as in iMessage (iOS 10) +4.05
How to type a color into a plist that I create not programmatically? -3.97