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Rating Stats for

Gurmanjot Singh

1572.91 (3,714th)
7,763 (20,390th)
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Title Δ
How can I write Python Regex that will take 4 numbers followed by P... -1.78
What is the correct way of grabbing an inner string in regular expr... +1.38
Have SSN masked in between the tags 0.00
How to match 2 separate numbers in Javascript +1.77
How do I Capture The First N words in a String? Using Regex? -0.00
How to access array items in VBscript dictionary 0.00
Python, RegEx, Replace a certain part of a match +1.29
regular expression (replacing v with version) +0.38
How to use Python regular expression to process zookeeper logfiles? +2.19
Regex that matches at most N digits with unlimited hyphen and space? 0.00
Not able to open JenkinsUI from slave machine when jenkins is insta... 0.00
Regular expression to match whole string containing a subset +0.16
python - regex parse numerical value to array without asterisk and... -1.97
Testing if a character exists with Regex +1.74
Regex Lookahead to match based on indented text -1.55
Ignoring apostrophe while capturing contents in single quotes REGEX -1.96
Regex to exclude trailing zero with even numbers of digits +0.16
Regex for validating a string format - Foot and Inch +0.55
Remove blocks of text by start and end keywoard notepad++ regex 0.00
Not able to increment numbers captured in Group 1 of a regex match -0.33
Regex expression to replace a word between two differents words in... -0.99
Regular expression to find a string immediately preceding a date +1.39
MAC Address regex validation for comma separated, colon or dash del... 0.00
Trim white space and optional quotes from string RegEx +2.71
remove double single quotes but not single quote +1.40
How to split the input_data using python? -0.28
Use class content inside REGEX -0.16
Regular Expression Replace Time Value between Date-Time Format -0.10
I need to replace extra character from number (555) 564-8583 I want... 0.00
Replace only part of the complete string 0.00
How to use regular expression to remove all math expression in late... +2.53
How to check for specific keyword/value pairs in any order +0.38
How can I match a regular expression in Python up to a certain char... +1.29
How to match presence at least one of several optional groups? 0.00
Negative Look-Ahead assertion for multiline text -1.85
Fetching Install locations of 64-bit software from registry when th... 0.00
How can I save non-Latin characters in a text file via VBScript? 0.00
Find text in innermost curly brackets starting with word with given... -2.00
python regex trying to match the second occurrence of a set of word... -2.06
Limit regex pattern match scope 0.00
how do I use regex to match expressions such as b1, b2, ... thru b1... +0.40
Regex now finding all matching strings -0.08
What's going on with this weird behavior when using | inside ()? +2.23
How to do a find replace around some function call -0.04
Regular expression: alphanumerics without pure numerics -2.33
Regex to search for lower-case Enum constants +0.41
Vbscript/UFT how to get the Tag elements name to validate Xpath of... 0.00
Regex match for multiple characters +1.95
Javascript regex to find a string and extract it from whole string -1.03
Regex for text files with partially incomplete nested structure +1.27