An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1535.35 (14,073rd)
15,784 (8,854th)
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Title Δ
Project build error: 'dependencies.dependency.version' for... 0.00
How to preserve original fragment identifier in Spring OAuth2 serve... 0.00
Authorization header not passed by ZuulProxy starting with Brixton.... 0.00
Access remote IP address in resource server proxied through Zuul an... +0.44
SpringBootApplication exclude when ComponentScanning other @SpringB... -0.05
How to prevent spring-boot autoconfiguration for spring-web? -0.66
Running a python function as a bash command -0.95
How to test spring-security-oauth2 resource server security? 0.00
How to test spring-security-oauth2 resource server security? 0.00
SpringBoot - UTF8 & Controller 0.00
What is the probability distribution of the new tiles in 2048? 0.00
List of empty string returns non-zero length in python -0.39
Apache CXF and WS-Security - Password Callback 0.00
Hibernate Criteria API - How to get a list of an object attribute -0.05
Why is IE9 replacing post method with get method in wicket form? +0.44
Easiest way to check if list element in other list element? +0.45
Maven project - server error 500 for me but works fine for someone... -0.19
Python - Sum not working in list comprehension syntax if the source... -0.05
how can I use "impdp" command importing .dmp data with po... -0.69
Add multiple sequences from a FASTA file to a list in python +2.39
Rpy2 & ggplot2: LookupError 'print.ggplot' -0.05
The right way to use maven +0.63
Python 3 string.join() equivalent? +0.46
Is there a way in Maven to disable modules but still let the parent... -0.29
DRY version of a list +1.79
Python 2.7.1 Blogger API problem 0.00
python script problem +1.19
Running maven project with eclipse dependencies outside eclipse 0.00
Calculate difference between adjacent items in a python list -0.06
Sortable ListView in Apache WIcket +0.44
Wicket: how to render page programmatically and get result as string? 0.00
Using enums as model object in Wicket -0.05
Autocomplete using Hibernate Search 0.00
Add compiled java class to a maven project +1.86
Is there any plugin that enables non-Maven dependencies loading/usi... -0.66
Unable to create application factory of class org.apache.wicket.spr... 0.00
How do I run 10 threads at a time from 100 threads in Java? -0.42
Wicket redirect: how to pass on parameters and keeps URLs "pre... -1.57
Is it possible to get a WSDL 2.0 from JAX-RS annotated class? -0.53
How to cascade delete an entry without cascading into ManyToMany re... 0.00
Wicket: AjaxLazyLoadPanel hangs after rendering first panel 0.00
Generating commented-out content with Wicket -0.55
Nesting dynamically displayed components in wicket 0.00
Explicit constructor using Lombok? +0.44
Is it safe to use Project Lombok? -0.54
Java Web Application - File Read 0.00
Log4j properties from each module -0.05
what am I doing wrong with java.util.Scanner? -0.55
TAB Folding Console Eclipse Plugin 0.00
In Java/Swing, is there a way to legally "attempt to mutate in... 0.00