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Scott Hunter

1495.31 (4,146,521st)
34,499 (3,381st)
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Title Δ
Having difficulty in understanding python user-defined functions 0.00
Why am I getting a seg fault every time I try to store elements int... 0.00
Why is my variable showing as "not defined"? 0.00
How to create a cartesian product excluding some results? 0.00
Bubble sort replacing a value with another one that I haven't e... 0.00
Recursive Climbing ArrayList 0.00
Count the number of occurrences of one vector entirely in another v... 0.00
Global variable resets to its initial value 0.00
Simplification of for loop 0.00
How can you sort a list of lists by the number of nonzero elements... 0.00
Sorting array of mixed clothing sizes in javascript 0.00
Pythonic way to find lowest value in dictionary with list as values 0.00
Pointer to pointer in linked list 0.00
How to calculate the number of zeros in binary? 0.00
increment numbers in list comprehension 0.00
How condition can be executed without breaking the loop in python 0.00
JSON print specific value in Python 0.00
How Can This Java For Loop Be More Readable? 0.00
How to sort structure 0.00
How to find if there are 2 elements of same value consecutively in... 0.00
Can't write results in a csv file slightly differently 0.00
How do I print something on a separate line while keeping everythin... 0.00
Python: iterating through a list of dictionaries with a for loop 0.00
list item to integer conversion triggers syntax error in python3 0.00
Sort dictionary consists of lists 0.00
Python Recursive function doesn't execute rest of the outer loo... 0.00
Why is signed char min -128 and not -127? 0.00
A better way to remove an item the index is unknown from the array... 0.00
IndexError: list index out of range Space invaders 0.00
Finding largest prime factor for a number with python 0.00
some error in a code for prime factorisation 0.00
Javascript recursion count forward and backward 0.00
Problem getting pairs in a 3D list using list comprehension 0.00
Why only last line is printing while fetching in the dictionary als... -0.25
use yield and return in a read_file function +0.33
JavaScript - Steps algorithm in recusive way - multi loop issue +0.51
how to calculate surface area of a pyramid in python? -0.00
Official Java excercize solution doesn't work... what I am doin... -0.50
Filling each slot of an array with a line (String) from a text file +1.26
JavaScript 99Bottles - Infinite Loop +0.47
Dictionary Comprehension with multiple statements +1.85
Is there an Immutable dictionary type in Python? 0.00
Return a numpy array from a function without brackets [] python +2.42
Using Group By On Hierarchial Columns in SQL -1.60
Variable assignment problem with Insertion sort 0.00
html equivalent to c# group box 0.00
How to remove multiple spaces in every line and replace with single... -0.03
Why 2 raised to 32 power results in a number in bytes instead of bi... +0.45
Why does this number value in a string change to a string when betw... 0.00
Read data from text file and use that data to get the dictionary da... -0.49