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Albin Paul

1526.33 (22,323rd)
1,546 (106,148th)
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Title Δ
what is the difference and uses of these lines of code? +0.45
IndexError: list index out of range, how can I delete an object in... +0.06
uint8_t rollover in Python? What is the best or most elegant way? -1.15
local variable referenced before assignment (list) -0.04
How print two times same random number? -0.43
Deep copy vs. List Comprehension -1.11
To check whether at least one list contains a specific element +0.55
Check if there is an ascending order in a list of list of integers... +1.18
C++ How to know when an object has been destroyed -0.42
Remove duplicates from a list of lists based on duplicate first ele... -0.04
There is a problem in understanding one of the python data type -0.71
the number of occurrences of each value in the list is unique -0.25
Need to add Spaces at certain Indexes +0.14
Validate Regex: min/max characters, one hypen and start/finish cond... -0.05
Beautify the Python Nested Dictionary Code +0.46
How do I search for a certain line in a json file with a key word? -0.75
How to add integer to fraction +0.26
Sort affect the value outside subroutine -0.56
Python Alphabetical order by sort method shows wrong order -0.04
How to get my list to be able to be used in another function and ac... -2.08
Convert a list of files to a tree-like dictionary +2.08
How to interpret the following output given by Python? +0.16
The most important question for me: is there a better way off doing... 0.00
Count number of pairs in list disregarding order -1.35
why my code not working for square of number +0.10
Python regex for capturing comma-separated strings conditionally +0.44
how to compute logarithms in Python not using math.log -0.10
Extract characters between two patterns using python -1.20
Why does this for loop not cycle through the list? -0.22
Generate a sequence using Recursion in Python 0.00
Algorithm for integer solutions of a circle? -1.42
heapq only returns one smallest element and repeats in n times +0.45
Recursion Error for coin change calculator - cannot debug -0.30
Pyhonic use of if statements for inequalities applied to chunked list +0.75
How to loop another loop in python -2.08
Matching number lists python in order -1.34
how to find the second smallest of a vector? +1.26
How to do list comprehension that display a list elements whose ele... +0.43
Python 3.x: Finding substring from a string -- Outputs Endless +0.46
alias: /usr/local/bin/pip3: not found, but .bashrc is correct 0.00
Python - Split string into characters while excluding a certain sub... +1.24
Trying to iterate all combinations but getting duplicates 0.00
Can someone help me optimize this for speed? -1.25
reorder word with condition in array of string python -0.59
Queue Skipping First Item in Queue (Python multiprocessing.Queue) -0.39
Is there a way to create a dictionary by declaring variables that m... -0.07
How to properly insert the values from my output to a dictionary -1.57
Convert JSON string to List of Dicts +0.45
How can I change align columns vertically in python? -0.30
How to print a Python dictionary values in a required order? 0.00